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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Hog Hunting With an Air Rifle

Big bore airguns were used as early as the 1700s to take wild boar in Europe. There is extensive documentation on the use of these guns, though they were not widely known and very few huntsman of the day would ever get a chance to use one. They were expensive and complicated to manufacture and … Continue reading »

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Springer Hunting

Hunting Airguns I was speaking with a friend that works in the airgun industry at SHOT Show, and he remarked that there has been a sustained growth in the North American airgun market over the last few years. He attributed this in a large part to the growing popularity of airguns for small game hunting … Continue reading »

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Shrouded Barrels

I have enumerated the advantages of airguns many times in this blog, and they are more or less in line with what I hear from the growing numbers using airguns for hunting and pest control. While each individual’s priorities may vary, one consistently stated advantage is that they are quiet. Depending on the type of … Continue reading »

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