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A Date With My FX Verminator!

Posted by on December 6, 2014

I was watching Shane Keller clean up in the speed silhouette event at the Extreme Bench Rest shooting his FX Verminator left handed, and it got me thinking back over my experience with the gun. I have been blessed and lucky in that my love of Airguns and hunting dovetailed with a modest skill with the pen and keyboard, and writing about the sport has become a second job for me. I still have a professional life outside of airgunning, but I spend a lot (just ask my wife and kids) of time shooting and hunting. Having professed awareness of my great luck, I feel like an ingrate when I complain, but here it is; I have too many guns to shoot. OK, I can almost see you rolling your eyes and strumming the world’s smallest violin, but there is a real cost to this……. Namely I don’t have time to shoot or hunt my favorite guns as much as I’d like, and the Verminator is a perfect example. Cycle through dozens of new guns each year, try to get out on a few hunts with the ones that make the cut, and it doesn’t leave much time to circle back on the old favs.

Shooting my Verminator out on the wide open grasslands of Kansas, this gun is a long range tack hammer!

Shooting my Verminator out on the wide open grasslands of Kansas, this gun is a long range tack hammer!


At full power with heavy round nose pellets the Verminator delivers a lot of power exactly where it's needed.

At full power with heavy round nose pellets the Verminator delivers a lot of power exactly where it’s needed.


But that’s exactly what I intend to do with my .25 caliber Verminator. I’ve taken rabbits, prairie dogs, raccoons, guinea fowl, pigeons and ground hogs with this superb take-down rifle over the last couple years, but it hasn’t made it out to the field with me much recently. But tomorrow I’m heading to the snow covered woods in pursuit of squirrels, and my Verminator’s coming out of hibernation. So let me tell you why this gun is one that stays in my collection even if I don’t get to shoot it much; 1) it is a very accurate rifle, 2) it is powerful when it needs to be, but can be dialed down when appropriate, 3) the bottle butt stock provides a lot of air for a high shot count, 4) the side lever cycles very quickly and feeds reliably, and 5) it breaks down for transport, and can be put together in a variety of configurations.

With the long barrel/shroud extension assembly, the bipod attached, and the power turned up this gun was a sniping machine taking out long range prairie dogs on a couple hunts in Kansas a while back. The intrinsic accuracy let me dump prairie dogs out past a 100 yards, with the hard driven .25 pellets knocking them head over stumpy tail. The other great thing was that the high volume of air let me stay in the field shooting for much longer than my buddies that seemed to constantly be hiking back to the truck for a refill.

Then a while later I mounted the short barrel and took off for a hike around a buddies farm after rabbits. Atypical of some bottle/stock configurations this guns fit and ergonomics were comfortable to shoot quickly offhand standing or kneeling, which this property and game called for. Here, unlike the prairie dog hunts where I was shooting constantly all day, I dropped the crosshairs on a couple rabbits and both of them were anchored in place. Another trip followed, shooting in buildings and around equipment and buildings. I mounted the shroud extension and dialed down the power, and used the gun to quietly dispatch starlings and pigeons in big numbers. Pass through and collateral damage from the occasional miss (shooters fault not the gun) bounced off the tin roof without puncturing it, ensuring I’d be allowed back on another day! That’s why this gun stays in my gun room, and why I’m leaving the new gun I’m supposed to be testing this weekend on the rack, to go on a field date with the Vermintor!

Out around the farm on this trip, I had the shroud extension on to reduce noise.

Out around the farm on this trip, I had the shroud extension on to reduce noise.

This big cottontail didn't know what hit him.

This big cottontail didn’t know what hit him.

You can see more in this article on my website:

I hope you are all enjoying the winter hunting season, and urge (at least you northerners) to get out there and hunt/shoot before the dog days of winter set in for real! I’m flying out to Texas next week for some big bore action on pigs, then Arizona on birds, fitting in the squirrel and coyote hunts when and where I can……. Because by the time SHOT Show rolls around in January it’s going to be too cold to go out in my neck of the woods. It will be me, a mountain of guns and pellets, and a lot of work on the indoor range!

5 Responses to A Date With My FX Verminator!

  1. Steve McQuaig

    Love to read your articles. I was wondering what bipod you use. In the pics I can’t recognize it. And why not tripod?


    • Jim Chapman

      Thanks very much Steve… I enjoy writing them so we make a good team 🙂 . The bipods I use most are the Primos Trigger Stick or the Gorilla Bipod. The former is quicker to deploy and the later is more stable. The reason I use bipods rather than tripods (usually) is that they are generally faster to set up and easier to move around when you need to reposition. When out in wide open spaces shooting prairie dogs I’ll sometimes use a tripod as well.

  2. steve baker

    hi jim what do u think about the innovairtech gun have u tested it thanks s.b

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Steve, I haven’t gotten it yet, but should soon. They told me they were waiting on a higher power version for my predator and hog hunting. The system is interesting, but I’ll hold comment until I use it…. Will report as soon as I do!

  3. Mark Smith

    Hi Jim,

    I am thinking about getting a .25 cal airgun. Can you get 950 FPS out of this Verminator using JSB .25 gr.? And do you think the arrow attachment has enough power for clean kills for Whitetail size animals? When you change barrels, how far off is Point of impact? Can you sling it? I was looking at the FX 200 in 25, but figure with the scopes and arrow attachment this one would be more values.

    Love your articles, especially the tree squirrel ones.


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