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Concept Elite

Posted by on December 5, 2014

I’ve just posted a video on the Brocock Concept Elite, and will be adding more information on it soon. Taking it out squirrel hunting this weekend then out for rabbit in Texas and AZ in the next few weeks. Below is the transcript from the video, and the link is;

The Brocock Concept Elite 22S6 is a high performance PCP hunting rifle in a compact package. The LOA is 38” and weighs in at about 6.7 lb.

The Concept shares many attributes with another Brocock model, the Specialist, but unlike the stripped down and very functional Specialist (which I hunted with, reviewed, and loved BTW), the Concept is equipped with the features you’d expect in a full sized premium gun.

The Concept is dressed in a thumbhole stock shaped from a piece of nicely figured walnut, with sharply cut checkering on the pistol grip and forestock. The muzzle is threaded and the air reservoir, which uses a 30 mm airtube providing substantially more onboard air storage than other Brocock carbines while still looking and balancing well.

The gun is cycled via a bolt action that has two slots in the receiver, the front locks the gun for firing and the rear serves as the sole safety, holding the breech open in a non-firing position. This bolt was a bit stiff at first, but is loosening up as I put more pellets through it. The pellets are feed through a cylinder that holds 6 shots, and is sturdy and reliable ….. as a matter of fact it is the same unit used in most Brococks multi-shots.
The gun fills to 200 BAR, and is connected via a proprietary fill probe…. Fill it up. Bleed the line, disconnect and you’re ready to shoot. I sat down at my indoor range to test several pellets, getting a one hole 6 shot group with H&N Baracudas. A big surprise, I tried several pellets including my JSB Exact jumbos which quite atypically, the gun didn’t like. Both the H&N Baracuda’s and Baracuda match were far and away the most accurate.

Filling the gun to 200 BAR and running the H&N Baraudas over the chrony, there was not a curve but rather the velocities stared high and fell off. Vmax = 772 fps, V min = 694 fps, Vmean = 738 fps over 36 shots with a 78 fps spread. However, if you measure shots 1-18 the velocities range 772-743 fps for a 29 fps variation. When hunting birds I refilling after the 5th magazine (30 shots).
Then I braved the MN cold and moved outdoors to shot at 50 yards, and while the groups opened up a bit, they could still be covered with a quarter….. better if I hadn’t been shivering! Shooting offhand at 30 yards yielded up good results as well.

Following is a look at how the gun performed for me while on a pest control shoot for Eurasian doves out in a much warmer Arizona. The number of birds here is incredible, and I worked my way through the feedlots, barns and tree lines bordering the farm. I had the opportunity to shoot the gun offhand, off sticks, and using whatever rest were available.

So what do I think? The Concept Elite is one of the nicest compact hunting rifles I’ve ever shot. It fulfilled the basic requirements for excellent accuracy and yielded up power in the 20+ fpe range and is an outstanding performer on small game. While it’s a bit on the loud side and the bolt was stiff at first, it is ergonomic. Points well. And is a blast to shoot. This is one I’m buying for my collection.

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