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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Can We Hide?

It’s been a busy few weeks, I’m sitting on a plane as I write this, traveling back from Scotland. I was in Edinburgh and tried to find an airgun shop to visit, but no luck. I think the restrictions, or risk there of, must be having a negative impact. We’re in much better shape in … Continue reading »

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Airgun Hunting the USA

We have a fairly large community of hunters in the United States, and are favored with a lot of game and plentiful land to hunt on. In addition, there are few restrictions on gun ownership and the price of firearms is fairly low. As a result, airguns have remained relatively unknown here as they have not … Continue reading »

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Took the Bushbuck .451 on a Hog Hunt!!

If you read my posts or saw the videos from the SHOT Show, you know two of the areas generating a lot of interest were the new big bores and the new bullpups. I like bullpups and think they serve a purpose, though truth be told I am more of a traditionalist when it comes … Continue reading »

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Raccons and Airguns: Hunting the masked bandit

The raccoon is a medium sized mammal that can be found in virtually every state in the continental United States. It has a ringed tail and a masked face, by which everyone knows this animal. The tail is 10-12 in. long and has a series of rings. They measure 9-12 in. at the shoulder and 30-33 … Continue reading »

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