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South Dakota Coyote!

Posted by on November 7, 2015

A couple months ago I drove the 6 hours to my buddy Brents place in South Dakota, to shoot prairie dogs with a number of new rifles, and thought I’d bring along a couple of big bores to go after coyotes if time permitted. I love this place, you never know what you’ll see, mule deer, whitetail, and in this case a small family group of pronghorn….. pretty nice buck up front!


The land is wide open, I know Montana is called Big Sky country, but it doesn’t get bigger than this! The weather was cooperating, but just barely, hot in the day cool at night and raining itermittently with some major storm fronts predicted. I got my hunting in where I could…. lots of prairie dogs and some rabbits in a series of hunts. I was there for four days and in the first two I had all the stuff I needed for my various projects, so decided to shift from small varmint to calling to see if I could pull in a song dog.


Brett took me to a place where there was a small hill with tall grass and a couple trees with a small stock pond behind me that gave a pretty good view of the surrounding area. I tucked into a clump of grass, after setting the call beside a clump of brush about thirty yards from me. The call I was using was an older version of the fox pro prairie blaster and I planned to blast out a jackrabbit distress call. After dropping me off Brett drove to a high spot about a half mile away, and watched through his spotting scope. I gave it about ten minutes to settle down and hit the call……. and in less than three minutes saw a dog top the low rise directly across from me, and stop dead staring right at me. I was already on the sticks, and was watching all this through the scope. I stroked the trigger, and watched the hit followed by the dog rolling over four feet in the air, then sink out of sight.



I watched for a few minutes, and saw nothing happen, so called Brett to come pick me up. He asked what was going on, he’d watched a coyote come over but then run off! I said heck (or S%#%) and jumped up to investigate.There was a creek and some wet ground I had to work around, and when Brett arrived I was looking with no success. I’d convinced myself that dog had rolled over an belly crawled out, just as I saw him piled up right where I’d hit him. Seems like there were two coyotes responding, though I only saw the one, wonder how often that happens? I have shot quite a few coyote with airguns of various calibers, and have come to think of the .357 as the perfect caliber. It has the knock down power, flat trajectory, neither too much or too little power, relatively high shot count in most guns.

I get to travel a lot for my hunts, after deer in Virginia next week, I am off to Texas on a predator hunt. But you dont have to travel far. I was on my way home from the office a few days ago, I live in the suburbs transitioning from farms to housing developments, and spotted a coyote hunting mice a couple hundred yards off the road. I pulled off and glassed him for several minutes. This farm has houses on two sides, but the farmer has given me permission to hunt it (only with an airgun). Guess where I’ll be next free evening I get, and it’s all because I use an airgun!! Last year I took two yotes off his little 160 acre farm, getting permission after they’d lost a couple of there little miniture goats to these predators. Based on this he’s talked to his neighbors and I’m getting permissions in adjacent properties as well.

Signing off now, and will be back next week. Hope you all get in some great hunts and enjoy those airguns! Will give an update next week!


2 Responses to South Dakota Coyote!

  1. Extreme .457

    Great hunt Jim!!!!! Predators are a challenge but with an airgun it’s a huge RUSH!!!!! I love hunting predators with my air rifles!! I used my Will P tuned Career Ultra .357, DAQ .308 Extreme .308 WOW that’s a lot of gun!!!!! Now that my FLEX .30 has arrived I think this is my ticket!!!! Upon arrival I installed my Hawke Varmint scope on her and sighted her in 1″ hi at 50yds. The first night I had her I lip squeaked a fox into 57yds and nailed him!!!! My neighbor had lost a toy poodle pup to a fox a few weeks ago. I hope I nailed the guilty one!!!! Lol if not this one was guilty by association!!!! I had sent you a post on your FX Wildcat PD hunt about the FLEX .30 You had wanted some feedback on the FLEX, well she is a very sweet gun, extremely accurate. Shooting 1″-1,5″ groups at 100 yds. Yesterday I stretched her out to 135yds. I shot 1.5″ – 2″ groups off my cowboy hat as my rest. I use my hat as a rest in the field!!! Lol so practice like you shoot right? Oh, these are 7shot groups, the FLEX comes with a 7shot mag like the Marauder, Travis also makes a single shot tray for her. The FLEX comes with a timmeny trigger and its on the AR platform, he builds a custom moderator it’s as quite as a stock .25cal Mrod!!

    The FLEX .30 is bottle fed at 3000psi and gets 21shots out to 100yds easy. Travis explained that the more I shoot her the better she will get. I’ve ran 300 44gr pellets thru her an have seen a nice nice change. All parts are really meshing together perfect.

    • Jim Chapman

      Sounds very interesting. It is really great to see all the new mid bores coming out, I think they are the perfect predator guns. I’ll follow up with Travis next week when I get back from Japan (plus a couple days to get over jet lag 🙂 ) Thanks very much for the contact info.

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