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HW 97 out for Jackrabbits

Posted by on February 5, 2017

I mentioned that I was recently down in Texas hunting big game and predators with a buddy named Chacho Gonzales, and while I struck out on my oryx, I did manage to take some predators and small game. One of the small game hunts I really enjoyed was when Chacho loaned me his HW 97 to go after jackrabbits. Now the HW 97 is a fine underlever spring piston rifle right out of the box, but this .20 caliber rifle had been tuned by John in PA, and it was one of the smoothest shooting and accurate springers I’ve shot.

This gun was a pleasure to shoot offhand, but surprised me with it’s ability to shoot rested.

The rifle was easy to cock and I do like the locking mechanism for the cocking lever, a push button release at the distal end of the rifle making for a secure lockup. The gun is ergonomic, and the Rekord Match grade trigger is silky smooth and set to be quite light, it’s …. amazing is the word that comes to mind.

Chacho and I with the HW 97 and a big Texas jackrabbit.

Chacho and I were out for a couple hours after jackrabbits and I found the gun a pleasure to shoot, but also very effective on these big desert hares, making a 35 yard headshot offhand was very do-able. I had a lot of fun, as I generally do, getting back to my roots in airgunning with a springer. When I can do that with a great springer it only makes it that much better!

I was at the SHOT Show a couple weeks ago, and there were some very interesting guns and gear coming out that I’ll be getting my hands on shortly. I left for Japan right after the show and returned home a couple days ago, and already have some boxes sitting in my den waiting to be opened! Keep an eye out, there will be a lot of new hunting stories and reviews coming at you in the next few months.

There is something I’d like to ask those of you following this blog; I am planning 30-35 hunts this coming year, and would be very interested hearing what topics you’d like covered. Are the specific guns, power plants, calibers, pellets, optics, accessories, or hunt locations or type of game you’d like me to cover? Please let me know and I’ll do my best to work it into the schedule.



12 Responses to HW 97 out for Jackrabbits

  1. Wyeth Hecht

    HI Jim sounds like you had a good time in Texas. You mention a prairie dog hunt, are you still going to plan that trip?

    • Jim Chapman

      Hello Wyeth; we’re planning that trip now, I talked to my buddy this weekend and we’re working on the details. Will post soon, I think it will be a blast, lots of shooting a great lodge, great people….. stay tuned (and I hope you make it!)

  2. Bruce

    Jim, I have been following you since I got my 1st pcp about a year+ a little ago. I like to hunt as much as I can, and I’ve had good results with my Disco but it’s time to move up in firepower. I have looked strongly at the Marauder, but the new(to the US) Kral Arms Puncher mega rifle has caught my attention! The air cylinder is double the size of the of the Mrod and it has an external power adjuster that appears to to function pretty well. Looks like a “hunter” to me,if it can shoot where you point it! Hope you get a chance to check it out!
    Thanks, and Happy Hunting!


    • Jim Chapman

      The MRod is a fine rifle, and I am getting readu to start shooting the Kral, you should look at the Brocock Compatto, a bit more but a great hunting rifle.

  3. Bruce

    I was looking at the Kral rifle in .25 cal.

    • Jim Chapman

      I’m waiting on the Kral .30 and will write about it as I get experience. Interesting looking rifles, but I’ve not much experience with them.

  4. RidgeRunner

    Hey Jim,

    Great! You’re back! I myself have been delving deeper into the world of PCPs, but this little story reminds me to not leave sproingers behind.

    I have enjoyed your hunting trips and your tips on planning trips and what to take is very informative, but I would like to have some reviews of air rifles and equipment mixed in. I am certain you have not had much time for such, but with the SHOT Show and all the new boxes, perhaps you could pull off about a 50/50 mix for a bit.

    I have also been enjoying your YouTube channel. Thanks.

  5. Joseph Iturralde

    Very nice Jim. I should be down in Texas next month to hunt with Chacho. Don’t forget about Colorado and I am thinking about doing a springer P-Dawg hunt this year. Have fun, don’t forget about my invite.

    Joe — Monkeydad1969

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Joe, would really like to get out to CO to hunt with you this year. Going down for my sons graduation in a few months, maybe I can get a couple of days before heading back. Have fun with Chacho, great guy to hunt with!

  6. Jimmy Villalobos


    I know you reviewed the REX KT a while back and would like to see you take that out and hunt with it. I own a REX Rifle .25 and use the Predator Polymags, they fly accurate out of this gun. Would like to see you put the smack down with your REX if you still have it. Great hunting ahead my friend!

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Jimmy, I do have that gun as well as a couple new versions released at SHOT Show, I will be using these on upcoming hunts.

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