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Texas Hunting Trips: One down and two to go before SHOT Show!

Posted by on November 5, 2017

Was down in Texas on a hog hunt last week, had some luck and put some meat in the freezer. I hunted both from blinds and out stalking, taking two pigs from the blind and two while on the move. An interesting aspect of the outing was that I used a .25 caliber BullBoss and a Badger .40 caliber rifle and compared the use of a traditional big bore to a small bore for boar hunting. There is not doubt that the big bore had several advantages; I could reach out much further, take body shots as well as head shots, and go after bigger pigs. However, when I kept the range inside of 60 yards, stuck with head shots, and went after smaller pigs, the .25 did great on anchoring my quarry……. with the benefit (not fully appreciated in this wide open space) of being quieter.

Checking my approach to a feeder to make sure I didn’t spook anything on my way in.

In a blind made of branches and other natural materials, I was well hidden.

A decent size pig came in and dropped to a head shot from the .40.

Along with several other pigs that came in from this evenings hunt, there was plenty of bacon and ham to go around! The guys have a great skinning shed on the property.

Sorry if the photo quality is substandard, but most pictures were taken in low light conditions. One thing I notices was that even with my big bore, which is not suppressed, the hogs didn’t seem as jumpy as they did when a firearm discharged. When that happened a group of pigs, even a long way off from the shot, would head for the hills and not come back. With the big bore, on the shot they would jump, then go right back to feeding. BTW: I have an article coming out in Predator Xtreme in which I will discuss the use of smaller caliber guns for taking hogs, which I think is doable if you stick to a few rules of engagement.

I am going back to Texas the first week of January to film a couple segments of American Airgunner, and it will be good to hunt with Rossi again, we always have a good time. I’ve also enjoyed watching him develop as an airgunner and a hunter, he’s made incredible progress in a short time. After that I’m off with some buddies after predators, but have no idea where that will take us as he has land under lease across the state. The only guy I know that if the weathers bad, he’ll drive to a spot hundreds of miles away where conditions are (hopefully) better.

Me and Chacho at the gate to Trent’s ranch, this guy is a serious airgunner I really enjoy hanging and hunting with. We’re going to have a great hunt…. even better if we bag our game this time!

After that I’m back at work with a few short local hunts until January, when I return to Texas yet again to hunt for a week with my good buddy Chacho, going after gemsbok, Spanish goats, and predators. We hunted hard last time I was down and put on some classic stalks, but I was never able to drop the hammer on a big Gemsbok ram, so we’re calling this the redemption hunt! I am especially looking forward to this hunt with Chacho and the ranch owner Trent, who I got to know on the week we spent tracking through the rough ranch-lands!

The it’s off to the SHOT Show, which is an important time of the year for me, with respect to planning my years activities as it relates to hunting, gear use and reviews, and planning magazine article and youtube video content for the following year. I don’t usually bring a camera along anymore, since there are so many guys doing airgun reviews these days, but maybe Ill pack one this year in case there is something so exciting I can’t wait to share it!

Pig Hunting Video

5 Responses to Texas Hunting Trips: One down and two to go before SHOT Show!

  1. Hajimoto

    Absolutely incredible article and a fine example of the viability of air rifles as a serious hunting platform across all the states. Mr. Chacho G is one heck of a hunter and a notch notch human being. Hat off to you both!

    • Jim Chapman

      He’s become a good friend and I look forward to getting down there to see him in January. That guys airgun collection is on growth hormones, never know what new rifle he’ll pull out!

  2. Wyeth Hecht

    You sure have a lot of fun. I envy you. I,ll just enjoy the vedios. Wyeth Hecht

  3. Chacho Gonzales

    Hola Santiago, looking forward to our hunt!! I’ve located a few other places for hogs, predators, pdawgs, and jack rabbits. I’ll super excited in seeing the Airbolt in action! I feel confident that we will have a great hunt and success. Let’s not forget to do a good Ol’ Springer hunt!!! I enjoyed watching you pop those Jackrabbit off hand!!!

    Take care and see you soon.

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