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Pest Control with the Bantam!

Posted by on December 14, 2017

I just got back from a 9 day hunt in Texas, and had a great time! Started out at a ranch that was a couple hours north of Fort Worth, where I took a nice blackbuck and a fallow buck during filming for American Airgunner. Then I headed out to a ranch in West Texas, where I took multiple hogs and a ram. But while I was there I also got some small game hunting as well, and the gun I took for this was the Brocock Bantam.

As I drove in and saw the size of this place, and the number of birds moving around, I knew the shooting would keep me busy!

If you are a regular reader, you know I l,Ike the Brocock guns……. a lot! This love affair started with the Specialist and Elite …… but then I met the Compatto and now the Bantam. Upfront I’ll say I am more partial to the looks and balance of the Compatto, however if I could only have one rifle it might be the Bantam. That bottle up front provides such a high shot count at high power, that it’s a hard feature to overlook. And it also has to be mentioned that while I might prefer the look of the Compatto, the Bantam is also a good looking rifle that handles very well…. Outside of the bottle forward design, they are virtually the same gun, so it all comes down to you preference of the bottle or tube reservoir.

I found a spot where I could catch the birds staging before entering the building. I shot many birds without moving from this spot.

The Bantam was a great choice for this shooting: adjustable power, very accurate, quiet….. it did it all for me…. Plus that intangible “shootability”, worked great from any position.

On this trip I had the opportunity to hit the pigeons at a local feedlot, where the birds were a real nuisance. I showed up and worked my way through the buildings and equipment, stacking the birds up. The rifle hit hard and it hit where aimed…. Theo great attributes in a great hunting rifle! And the cool thing was that the bottle took my through the entire shoot and there on to an afternoon rabbit shoot, then out for a hog (but that’s another story).

People are always asking me advice on small game hunting guns, and I am always a bit hesitant to give my opinion, because the rifle you like is a personal matter. When I do I answer I try to do it in the user context of the person using the rifle: what are they going to use it for, what are the conditions, what are their personal preferences, what can they afford, etc. But here I am going to break my own rule, and tell you that no matter you answer these questions, you should take a look at the Compatto and the Bantam if deciding an o a small game gun. I don’t say it lightly, when I say that Brocock is building some of my favorite small game guns right now.

A couple feral pigeons with the instrument of their destruction!

It would be easy to say that the Compatto and Bantam are riding the development wave of Daystate, but in terms of compact design they have brought a lot to the table as well. A gun that is accurate, powerful, compact, and at a competitive price …….. well, it’s worth consideration. I think that it is not the least expensive gun on the market, but arguably one of the best airgun investments.

So I’m off to Scotland again over the weekend, then back home for the rest of the holidays. Right after New Years I’m on my way back to Texas, where my friend Chacho and I are going on an epic hunt, with oryx, aoudad, axis deer, hogs, Spanish goats, predators, and small game/varmints on the menu. We’ll be carrying the Compatto and Bantam as our small game guns so you’ll be seeing some of the results of that in January. Then it’s off to SHOT Show!

3 Responses to Pest Control with the Bantam!

  1. Duke

    I have been reading your articles on hunting have found them very helpful. I also noticed that you live in MN as do I Eagan area. I was hoping you might share some of your great places to hunt squirrel in the Twin Cities area. Also is there any local air rifle groups in the area. Thanks Duke

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Duke, send me an email and I’ll get back to you.

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Duke, what I did on moving to MSP was to go online and look at all the wildlife management areas, see what game could be hunted there, then go on google maps too look at terrain. Then I’d go on short trips to put feet on the ground and check them out during the off season…… try it and you’ll find many places near you that you never knew were there.

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