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A Trophy is What’s Important to You!

Posted by on March 29, 2019

I was at a friends house looking at some mounts he had of truly impressive bucks, and in my mind I compared it to my own trophies of past hunts. I’ve got a few nice representative animals on the larger side of the scale, but nothing that would impress a hard core trophy hunter. But having said that, they are trophies to me because of the memory and accomplishment I attach to them.

For instance, the first buck I shot was in Kentucky while hunting with my friend Randy Mitchell. This was back in 2006, and at that time there was no where legal to deer hunt, we’d been focusing on hogs and exotics in Texas for the last few years before. But that year, Kentucky did allowed airguns to be used, with the proviso they be muzzle loaded and used within the primitive weapons regulations.

Dennis Quackenbush had made a replacement bolt to convert our DAQ’s into muzzleloaders, and so armed Randy and I went to his lease and climbed into his side by side tree stand. This was another new experience, I’d done most of my hunting out west and had never even seen a tree stand. It was a cold drizzly morning, and before long the first couple deer walked by…. a doe and a little spike. The a little four point came by, but the club that held the lease had a 6 point rule, so as I tried to will a couple more points to sprout, I had to let him walk.

I’ve shot maybe 40-45 deer with a air rifle since this buck dropped to my Quackenbush in 2006, with some much nicer bucks in the mix. But this will always be my airgunning wall-hanger!

After a couple hours with not much else happening we talked about heading back in for a cup of coffee, when I saw another buck coming down on my left, and he had plenty of points! I told Randy to take the shot, and he said no it was on my side and my buck. That’s the kind of guy Randy is, he wanted his first airgunning buck too, it was his lease, but he made the call for me to shoot.

I did, and the deer ran about 20 yards up a hill, and half way up did a partial back flip and was dead on the spot. That was not a huge buck, but to me it was a real trophy and the antlers are still hanging in my man cave. It was the first legal buck that I know of taken with an air rifle, the first in Kentucky, my first, and I’ll always think fondly of Randy letting me have the shot because he thought it the right thing to do. In my mind trophies dont get much better than that.

In future post I’ll pull out some of the other airgunning first that stand out in my memory. It’s not only that they were first, but more that we were helping to lay the foundations for a new hunting sport, and how often do you get a chance to do that?

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