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After my Squirrel Grand Slam…..Again!!!

Posted by on October 4, 2019

Several years ago I proposed a small game hunting challenge I called the North American Squirrel Hunters Grand Slam. This was intended to be an activity that took effort, but was within reach of most people willing to work at it. It is tough to do every year, but as a one time mission the travel not that bad or cost too high, though both are factors to consider.

Lining up the shot, note the SideMount camera I’ll be usibng this season.
I’ve got a car camping rig that can be taken along when I fly to distant locals for hunts. In my car I make a bed in the back, but have a small bivvy bag to use when renting.

The idea was to take the 3 primary tree squirrel game species (gray, fox, Abert’s), plus a black color phase (could be of any species) in one season. That first year I took the fox in Indiana, the gray in Kentucky, the black in Michigan, and the Abert’s in Arizona. I tried to replicate this a couple more times, but fell short; one year I got everything but a black, and one everything but an Abert’s.

Fox squirrels
Gray squirrels
black squirrel….. only the Abert’s left

I am after this goal again this year; and in the first week took a gray and fox in Minnesota, a black in Wisconsin, and I leave for Arizona in a couple days where I will be heading up into the ponderosa pines to try to complete my mission, and even though I’ll be using a rental car have packed my car camping gear and plan to stay in the mountains as long as it takes. I am feeling good about the trip, the weather looks good and I’m going to a place I know. If I get this done in the first day or two, I’ve got other hunting adventures to do on this trip.

BTW: If you don’t subscribe to an airgunning magazine, one that I can recommend (not least of which because I have a monthly column) is the British publication AIR GUNNER, and this month I’m sharing this challenge with our fellow shooters across the pond.

Along with my hunting trip, I’ll be stopping by the Extreme Bench Rest, and if you see me there stop by and say hello. I like to meet my fellow airgunners when the chance arises, and am looking forward to this important airgunning event!

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