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Deer hunting

The Traveling Airgun Hunter: Know the Laws and the People!

I know that I am very lucky; between writing for several hunting publications, a TV show, and Online (websites, blogs, and Youtube) projects, I get to hunt in a lot of different places. That in and of itself is very cool, but I also have the opportunity to meet with a lot of great people. But … Continue reading »

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What Happens to my Big Game After the Hunt……. Biltong!!

Ok, this isn’t strictly airgunning, but I often get questions about what I do with the animals I hunt. In this post I’ll talk about what I do with the deer I shoot. One deer a year supplies my family with all the venison we’ll need; backstraps, a few steaks, and a lot of ground … Continue reading »

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Big Bore Airguns

The sport of airgun hunting has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, and hunting larger game with big bore air rifles is a niche within the market that has seen a surge. There are more guns being offered in .30 to .50 caliber than at any time in the past. In my opinion … Continue reading »

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Airguns and Deer

When I first started hunting big game with an airgun about 10 years ago, there were very few species to hunt and even fewer places to hunt them. My friends and I gravitated towards Texas, because even though by some quirk of logic we couldn’t hunt any game animal (even a squirrel) with an airgun, … Continue reading »

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