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Hunting Accessories

Airgun Optics

When heading off on an airgun hunt, regardless of the type of game, the type of gun being used, or even the conditions I expect to encounter, my gun will almost always be equipped with a scope. There are several reasons for this; as the acuity of my eyesight diminishes with age a scope helps me … Continue reading »

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Look Back At A Great Gun That Never Got A Chance

Flying into Las Vegas for the SHOT Show a few years back, I was eager (as always) to see what the airgun manufacturers had in store for us. I arrived Friday night and had to leave for a conference in Germany Sunday morning, which left me with one full day to cruise the show. I spent my … Continue reading »

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Hunting Season is On Us!!

Well, I’m starting to ease in to the hunting season with the squirrel opening in Minnesota this week. Had a lot going on, but managed to slip out for a few hours on Saturday morning and put a couple of bushytails in the game bag. I was using a little 12 fpe carbine that I’ve … Continue reading »

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The Growth of Airgun Hunting

I was working on an article over the weekend, and was thinking back over my perspective of the growth of airgun hunting in North America. In the 15 years I’ve been back in the States (after almost 20 years abroad), I have seen change. When I came home I thought I was about the only … Continue reading »

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Shrouded Barrels

I have enumerated the advantages of airguns many times in this blog, and they are more or less in line with what I hear from the growing numbers using airguns for hunting and pest control. While each individual’s priorities may vary, one consistently stated advantage is that they are quiet. Depending on the type of … Continue reading »

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Shooting the Veminator Extreme!

There are a lot of new airguns coming out these days, and I’m lucky because I get to shoot many of them. I like a lot of rifles, and try to keep an open mind when looking at new offerings. If we all liked the same thing, there would only need to be one gun, … Continue reading »

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On to the Rockchucks!

In the blog this week, I’ll carry on with the airgunning adventure started last week. I am spending more time in Arizona for a couple reasons; first I have always loved this state; from the pine covered mountains up north to what I consider the most beautiful desert in the world, the unique Sonoran with … Continue reading »

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Rambling on about airgun stuff

Well, this week’s blog post is going to cover several topics; I had a hunt in Texas last week where I had the chance to shoot predators using the Wolverine, and next week I’m off to Arizona where I’ll get to meet up with my buddies from AoA, Kip and I are going to take … Continue reading »

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Hunting Packs

When talking about the gear I take out on my hunts, I generally focus on the guns, pellets, or maybe my shooting sticks, but I have a regular kit that I have become accustomed to carrying when heading out for a day in the field. Rather, I have a collection of packs and a variety … Continue reading »

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Of Benchrest Competitions and Shooting Sticks

This week I would like to touch on two items; first a quick word about an upcoming airgunning competition being held in Southern Arizona, where shooters from the USA and Europe will vie for bragging rights and prizes for long range shooting! Second, I’d like to take a look at one of the most useful pieces … Continue reading »

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