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Long Range shooting

Texas Varmint Hunt!

My hunting has been a bit slow over the last couple months, I’ve been traveling a lot for work, doing some family trips (spent this weekend at the Fields Museum in Chicago….love that place!), and thought I jump into my field journal and share a hunt from seasons past. A couple summers back I was invited on … Continue reading »

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Air Rifle Stocks

Taking Stock! Whenever I look at a new rifle the stock is one of the main features I hone in on. It doesn’t matter how powerful or the inherently accurate, if the stock is not right I’ll never wring the full potential from the gun. I’ll hold the rifle and look at it while getting … Continue reading »

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Mussings on Airgun Power

What is the right power level? The level of power that can be generated with airguns depends on what type of airgun you’re talking about. Most of the inexpensive CO2 and pneumatics that are produced for the mass market plinkers generate from 4 to 10 fpe, while some of the the big bores can generate over … Continue reading »

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Arizona Pest Control: Pigeons, Eurasian Doves and Starlings!

I am writing this pretty well worn down from three days of nonstop pest control with my hunting buddy Scott in Arizona. Scott has several dairy farms lined up, and they want him to do one thing …. remove as many birds as possible.. They number in the thousands, and do huge financial damage to … Continue reading »

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Out with the Boss!

I was out a couple times this weekend, getting some practice with my guns before we leave for the Eastern Cape. This weekend I focused on the FX Boss, which is going to be my gun for small game up to predators, and maybe the mini-antelope. As you probably know, this is an upsized version … Continue reading »

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North Dakota Ground Squirrels!

I had the chance to do a varmint hunt in North Dakota the weekend before Memorial Day. The seven hour drive from Minneapolis took me through miles of farms and grasslands. North Dakota is one of the least populated regions of the continental USA and I’d been forewarned to stock up on supplies in Jamestown, … Continue reading »

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Hunting Handguns

After several years of hunting with firearms using conventional long guns, I started to drift more towards handguns using them for deer and hog hunting in my native Californian deserts and coastal hills. I like the fact that these guns upped the challenge; shooting a handgun accurately takes a lot more practice and demands that … Continue reading »

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On the Rabbit Trail!

Another one of those species I love to hunt with an airgun are rabbits, which from a global perspective are probably the most pursued quarry taken with airrifles. The Brits are fanatical bunny hunters, and even though we have a many more small game and pest species available here, we’re not too far behind! The … Continue reading »

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Airguns & Long Range Shooting

Because they produce much less power, hunting ranges with airguns tend to be closer than when a firearm is used. A common question I’m asked is “how far can a hunter stretch out with any given airgun”?  The answer depends on the type of airgun being used and what the intended target is. Popping steel … Continue reading »

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