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My Favorite Stocks

When evaluating a rifle for the field, the stock is one of the main features to consider. It doesn’t matter how powerful or the inherently accurate the gun, if the stock is not right the full potential of the gun cannot be realized. I’ll shoulder the rifle and look at it while getting the feel, … Continue reading »

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Calls for Airgunners: A quick primer

A lot of the techniques used for firearms hunting are directly applicable to airguns as well, and one of my favorite crossover techniques is the use of calls to bring my quarry into range. Several years ago I started carrying mouth blown predator (typically distress) calls in my pack, regardless of what I was after. … Continue reading »

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Guinea Fowl …. the other big bird!

I was talking to one of my friends over in South Africa this morning, asking what the conditions were like and how the wildlife had made it through the hot summer months, when he mentioned that there were lots of Guinea fowl over on one of our other buddy’s properties. This piqued my interest, as … Continue reading »

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Shooting the Veminator Extreme!

There are a lot of new airguns coming out these days, and I’m lucky because I get to shoot many of them. I like a lot of rifles, and try to keep an open mind when looking at new offerings. If we all liked the same thing, there would only need to be one gun, … Continue reading »

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On to the Rockchucks!

In the blog this week, I’ll carry on with the airgunning adventure started last week. I am spending more time in Arizona for a couple reasons; first I have always loved this state; from the pine covered mountains up north to what I consider the most beautiful desert in the world, the unique Sonoran with … Continue reading »

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Rambling on about airgun stuff

Well, this week’s blog post is going to cover several topics; I had a hunt in Texas last week where I had the chance to shoot predators using the Wolverine, and next week I’m off to Arizona where I’ll get to meet up with my buddies from AoA, Kip and I are going to take … Continue reading »

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Head Shot Or Chest Shots

I’ve been airgun hunting for about four decades now, and over that time I’ve come across two topics that raise passions, divide hunting camps and lead to arguments between hunting buddies that go on ad infinatum – mainly what is the best hunting caliber and secondly what is the best shot placement, head or chest? … Continue reading »

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The Wolverine/Huggett: Stealth Predator Gun

I got my new Daystate Wolverine earlier in the week, and with a busy schedule it had to sit for a day or two before I could get it sighted in. I’d had one of the first Wolverines that came into the country to use for a couple hunts, and some range work and plinking … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready for Spring/Summer Airgun Hunts

It’s been a couple of busy months; new job, selling a house, buying another, and getting my family relocated up to the Minneapolis area. I married my wife in South Africa, we moved back to my native California, then up to Indianapolis, now Minneapolis…… her family thinks I’m taking their daughter on a slow march … Continue reading »

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African Small Game Hunt

A few weeks ago my blog post was focused on hunting larger game with airguns in South Africa, and I mentioned an upcoming trip. While using big bores to take plains game is the stuff that grabs attention, it is only part of the story. I spend more time on each of these trips hunting … Continue reading »

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