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Well ...I'm still trying to figure it out. My Compatto Target .177 came to me in a sub-12 ft-lb version. Not what I was expecting, but it's what I really wanted (just didn't think they were available in the U.S. - unless special ordering).
This version of the Compatto is very accurate and amazingly consistent ...also very high in shot count ... considering its a a 'less than' 150 cc reservoir with the HUMA regulator installed.
Giles Barry gets credit for bringing my attention to this sub-12 ft-lb regulated variant.
Many thanks Rich for taking the order and a BIG thanks to the chap that picked-out, tested and re-boxed my rifle.
Sometimes you just get lucky!
Vic Parks
Thanks Rich...great service again.
I'm partial to German engineering and the HW100 Lami carbine is a superb example of it...worth every penny.

Oscar Salvat, MD
Very happy w your service guys.
Rich took the extra-time to find the right scope for my rifle---professional work period. As far as I'm concerned AOA is the best in the US air rifle business.

Oscar Salvat, MD
Just wanted to give a big "HIGH 5" to Todd ... the guy who works on the Omega Super Charger. I bought the Super Charger from AoA but when it arrived I could not get the pressure to build up as it should. Got Todd's number from the salesmen at AoA and gave him a call ... after doing some troubleshooting to find the problem we came up with the assumption that the problem had to be in the "ball and socket" fitting where the air output line attaches to the compressor. Losing air on a compressor that goes up to 4500psi is a tricky thing ... almost any imperfection in the mating of parts can lead to a leak that will not allow your pressure to rise, but Todd is an expert and figured it out, sent me a new hose and fitting and it works perfectly and according to the advertised rate of fill ... from 3000 psi to 4500 psi in 45 minutes. It took a little work to troubleshoot this thing and I was busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest ... but hey I am a happy camper and my FX Impact (also from AoA) is tickled pink also. Hey that Impact is something else also ... got it in .22 & .25 and I make my targets by tracing around the circumference of a dime, place it at 75 yards and proceed to knock the snot out of it ... I'm kinda old (67)and not quite as steady as I used to be but, I can still fill up the center of that dime with those JSB .25 Exact Kings ... of course that Sidewinder 8-32x56 (also from AoA) does most of the work. Anyway, just wanted to thank Todd and AoA for working with this decrepit old man that still enjoys the shooting sports. Blessings to you all!
John Miles
Just wanted to pass on my thanks for your help in getting me setup in PCP Air Rifle shooting. The FX Independence was just as you described and I am very happy with it.
Once I got it sighted in, it is phenomenally accurate. Shooting flies at 20 yards no problem, I wish I could attach a picture. With the tether regulator and scuba bottle it is just so much fun to shoot at the range. Went through a can of pellets pretty quick. I own a 22 LR Anschutz Target Rifle and the FX is as accurate or maybe more so. It is more fun to shoot because it is so quite. The .25 packs a punch. I can see why people get addicted to these rifles.Once again thanks for your time and help.

Rick in Montana
Rick Gauthier

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