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Daystate Pellets

Emperor .303 ~ Rangemaster Magnum .22 ~ Daystate FT .22

Daystate Emperor .303

Daystate Emperor Pellets

Caliber Quantity Weight Length Nose Shape
.303 150 50.15 grains 0.375" Dome

Designed and deveolped to creat a new caliber in airguns, the Emperor 303 pellets


Daystate Rangemaster "Magnum"

Daystate Rangemaster Magnum

Rangemaster Magnum

Caliber Quantity Weight Length Nose Shape
.22 250 37.5 grains 0.452" Dome

The Rangemaster Magnum .22 was designed as an ultra-heavy bullet-like pellet, for the Magnum powered precharged pneumatic air rifles.


Daystate "FIELD TARGET" Pellets

Yes, JSB Exact pellets with the Daystate label!

.177 Caliber - 8.44 Grain - 500 Count Tins In testing, the Daystate "FIELD TARGET" pellets bested all other brands in the most popular .177 caliber (sub 15 foot pound) "Field Target" class airguns! $11.25 per tin or

4 tins for $41.00

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