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Thank you for visiting Airguns of Arizona. We have a full line of fine, precision airguns, air pistols, pellets, scopes and accessories for all your shooting needs. Please have a look around and if you still have any questions, please call. We still like to talk the old fashioned way!

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Currently, there are four main calibers in airguns. The most popular is .177. It is used for both target shooting and hunting and offers the greatest selection of pellets. The next most popular is .22, which is used for both hunting and long-range target shooting and is available in a wide variety of pellets. The .25 offers more power, bigger wound channels, and heavier pellets. It is gaining popularity but offers fewer pellet choices than .177 and .22. Bring up the rear is .20 caliber. It has its enthusiasts, but appears to be dropping in popularity.

Big-bore calibers -- .30 caliber and above – are rising in popularity for hunting medium and larger game but offer fewer pellet choices.

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RWS Diabolo Basic .177 Pellets
The Diabolo Basic pellet by RWS combines a blend of quality and...
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RWS Hobby Pellets
Hobby Pellets by RWS are a great air gun sporting pellet. They're light...
RWS Super-H-Point Pellets
The Hollow Point expansion type pellet was especially developed for field...
RWS Superdome Pellets
Ideal for both target practice and general use.
RWS Superpoint Pellets
The name really says it all. The RWS Superpoint Pellet was designed primarily...
RWS HyperMAX Lead-Free Pellets
RWS HyperMax Pellets tested 30% faster than standard lead pellets.
Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellets
The perfect pellets for small game hunting.
Crosman Premier Super Match Pellets .177
The pellets chosen by winning competitors.
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Crosman Premier Super Point Pellets .177
The standard pointed pellet and the new super-pointed version tend to hold...
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Diana High Power .22 Pellets
High quality, heavy domed air rifle pellets.
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H&N Grizzly Bullets
Heavy hunting bullets.
H&N Sport Pellets
Low-cost training match pellet for ambitious hobby shooters.
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RWS Supermag .177 Pellets
A heavier wadcutter pellet, the RWS Super Mag was designed for the more...
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H&N Baracuda Green Pellets
Lead-free, lightweight high-velocity pellet with maximum accuracy for...
RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol .177 Pellets
The same great accuracy as its heavier brother but built a little lighter for...
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RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle Pellets
For decades RWS Meisterkugeln pellets have been part of every ambitious air...
JSB Exact Beast Pellets .177 | .22
Heavy weight, precision design is perfect for magnum airguns and long range...
Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Pellets
Popular for any type of shooting thanks to its aerodynamic design.
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