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Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifles

Precharged (PCP)

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles use air from a SCUBA tank or a high-pressure hand pump or compressor that is stored in a high-pressure reservoir on the gun. Olympic target models, many hunting air rifles, and many long-range varmint air rifles use this powerplant. This powerplant generally delivers highly accurate, consistent, and virtually recoil-free operation. Some models offer on-the-fly power adjustment. The chief disadvantage of these air rifles is that they are not self-contained, and so require extra gear – a high-pressure pump, compressor or SCUBA tank – to recharge the onboard reservoir. They also can be very loud, but many are now being offered with barrel shrouds or moderators that quiet the report considerably.

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FX Wildcat Precharged Air Rifle
The standard in compact, bullpup design!
Daystate Renegade Green Synthetic Bullpup
A hybrid of Daystate's best mechanical and electric platforms.
Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Beech
The clever addition and integration of a 480 cc carbon fiber air bottle...
FX Streamline Synthetic
Light in weight...high in quality...the all new Streamline by FX sets a...
FX Impact Black
This tactical, compact, high power, lightweight wonder gun will be a...
Daystate Pulsar Gray Laminate Bullpup
The culmination of decades of research and development including technologies...
Daystate Huntsman Regal XL
The Huntsman Regal XL is a traditional rifle designed for high power...
FX Crown Walnut Airgun
Traditional looks loaded with all the modern features!
Daystate Wolverine Hi-Lite Air Rifle
The new Wolverine B Hi-Lite is destined for greatness in the field or winners...
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Brocock Bantam 400 Beech
The clever addition and integration of a 400 cc aluminum air bottle increase...
Brocock Bantam 400 Soft Touch
The clever addition and integration of a 400 cc aluminum air bottle increase...
Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Soft Touch
The clever addition and integration of a 480 cc carbon fiber air bottle...
Brocock Compatto
The Compatto represents one of the best values for money and will please even...
Brocock Compatto Target With Regulator
Brocock's response to the growing trend of factories fitting regulators to...
Brocock Concept Elite S6 .22
Dressed in a stylish walnut sporter stock, this rifle is a dream to hold and...
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Brocock Concept S6 Standard .22
The Brocock Concept S6 delivers high performance and precision accuracy.
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Daystate Air Ranger - 50 ft/lbs
The Daystate Air Ranger is a highly versatile rifle with the power and...
Daystate Air Ranger Extreme - 80 ft/lbs
A true magnum pcp airgun delivering 80 ft/lbs of energy!
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