A Conversation with Fredrik Axelsson, Owner of FX Airguns – Part II

Monday, March 12, 2012

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at length by telephone with Fredrik Axelsson, owner of FX Airguns. This is the second part of that conversation.

JE: So what happened next?

FA: In 2001, I called Ingvar Alm and asked him who should I deal with in America? He said try Airguns of Arizona. Robert Buchanan agreed to have one or two samples of the FX2000 and the Excalibur, and he was over the moon about them. The accuracy is fantastic, he said.

JE: How do you achieve that accuracy?

FA: When I set out to design an airgun or something for an airgun, I don’t look at other people’s stuff at all. When I made my PCP rifle, all the ideas came from myself, and what I came up with was a very small valve and very small striker. That makes a difference. When you pull the trigger, you have very little mass moving inside the gun, compared to other designs. Some of the others have very heavy hammers and valves, and they are almost as bad as a springer when you pull the trigger. As a result, you need to build a heavy gun to compensate for all the mass moving inside it. An FX gun can be relatively lighter because you don’t need to compensate for a heavy valve and striker.

JE: What are some of the other things that have happened during the evolution of FX as a company?

FA: One key event was that I got fed up with the Italian company that was supplying us with stocks, so we started making our own synthetic stocks. That was very hard; we had to select a material that would do the job and build the machines that would make the stocks. At the beginning, that was a big negative, because nobody wanted synthetic stocks, but I didn’t care because at last I had a reliable supply of stocks.

JE: What else?

FA: Later we came up with the power adjuster and interchangeable air tubes. I made the power adjuster for hunting. I wanted to do the ultimate hunting rifle, one that would be quick for reloading and that you didn’t have to shoot at the same power all the time. Here’s the basic idea: at 50-60 meters, you shoot high power; at 30 meters or so, medium power; and if you are shooting pigeons inside a barn at 15 meters and don’t want the pellet to go all the way through, you use low power. Because you’re simply changing the orifice that the air flows through with the rotation of a wheel, you don’t have to fiddle with all the adjustments that you do with some other guns.

JE: How important is the US market to you?

FA: The US market is getting more and more important for us. We look to that more than anything else right now. I think the attitude toward airguns in the US is changing, and the market is growing quite dramatically. I love America because you don’t have restrictions on airguns at all. That’s not the case in Sweden where we are based.

JE: What is your philosophy when it comes to designing airguns?

FA: I do things that appeal to myself, and they seem to appeal to Americans as well. I love to build guns that a harmonious. They are light, quick, and everything works together well. The guns you love are the guns that deliver great accuracy and handle well. If you turn up the power too much, it’s a completely different feeling when you fire it. If you aren’t happy with the power of a .22, you should go to a .25. If you’re not happy with the energy of a .25, you need to go to an even bigger caliber. If you go too fast, you ruin accuracy. I refuse to do bad rifles.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott


  1. Whistler Kenworthy says:

    Jock, you did a write-up on “A 50 caliber Benjamin?” that shot darts… any chance you may test the FX Airguns “Verminator Extreme” that can actually shoot arrows?

    I like the way Mr. Axelsson focuses first and foremost on making a design he’ll be happy with. Sounds like a “Field of Dreams” approach to airgun design… (“If you build it, they will come”)

  2. Rodolfo Luna says:

    Bought a royal.22 at trailmakers in Canada last Dec 2010. Was disappointed to see the specs were different from the US version. Barrel was 15.7pm and max 770fps with 16grain at max adjustment at the back. Wanted a 800-950fps for 100yds target shooting. So, what do you advise FPS w 18grain shooting at 100yds? Can you enlarge the transfer hole for this purpose and up to what size, is advisable? I know my shot count would lessen, fine w me. Hope you can advise/ recommend what is practical for this purpose. Thanks a million, in advance

    1. Jock Elliott says:

      I suggest you contact your dealer regarding your concerns.

  3. Travis Haney says:

    Hi Jock, What an inspirational conversation! It’s encouraging to hear of someone that actually made their dream job a reality. The main reason for my post is to ask how I can acquire a FX Verminator Extreme kit and how much it will cost me. I requested a pricing sheet on some kind of contact email that I reached through the FX website and didn’t receive a response so I’m trying this. It appeared by the FX Website that Airguns of Arizona is the only dealer in the USA, is that true? I am in Washington State and in an area where everybody has guns but so far have no clue as to what I’m talking about when I say my next purchase is going to be an air rifle. Usually I get a laughing “what did you just say” followed by some questioning of my manhood. I cannot wait to stroll up with my “suitcase” and tell them I finally got my air rifle and let them all laugh long and hard for one last time. Then I’ll say that whoever just laughed will not be shooting my gun no matter how hard they beg me, to which I will probably receive another round of laughter and ribbing. During which laughter I will open my suitcase and watch the laughing faces turn to bug-eyed jealous ones. The next day you will probably receive orders for ten more rifles if not mistaken, all from the little town of Buckley, WA. Things should just roll on from there I imagine, so I could see us having a beautiful relationship. Thanks for your time and I anxiously await your response.
    Sincerely, Travis

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for the kind words. Contact http://www.airgunsofarizona.com They are the distributor of FX Airguns in the US. I believe that there are other dealers, but I’m not really sure what the distribution network is like.

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