New Accu-Tac Bipods!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Accu-Tac has redesigned all of their bipods and will no longer be offering the old style. They’ve also slimmed down their selection to only their best selling models.

A lot of benchrest shooters use the old FC-5 or FC-10 models due to their wide stance. But, they only had the option to pan. If you wanted cant/tilt, you were forced to choose from models with a narrower stance. The newly designed FC-G2 offers BOTH pan and cant! Also, they’ve changed the legs. The older models had longer legs. The new model has shorter legs but, they have the ability to extend.

Their base model, the BR-4, now sports the new legs and the re-designed center hub. Basically, the only thing that remains unchanged is the way the legs attach to the center hub and the way they lock in. When comparing the new to the old, it looks like they reversed the center design. But, they’ve done more than that. The way the cant system locks has been redesigned to a more reliable, easier to use system.

The new system incorporates an easily accessible lever style lock that’s easy to access and easy to use vs the old systems winged thumbscrew. Also, the lever is spring loaded. So, if you don’t like where it’s sitting once locked, give it a “pull and twist” and it will click into another spot.

The quick release thumb nut has been replaced with a hex head screw that sits inside a recess. In order to adjust rail tension, you move the lever to the unlock position, push it, and spin the hex head.

The new legs are wider, thicker, and have the ability to extend vs the old thin style with no adjustment. The feet are much larger too and re-inforced with support cups.


When comparing the FC-G2 vs the old FC-10, right away I notice the difference in leg height and thickness. I also notice how the picatinny attachment sits higher when compared to the hinge point of the legs. Overall, I thinking his system is going to work out better than the old tall models.

Another subtle difference I noticed is that the quick release lever no longer conflicts with the hub frame. The old model, you’d have to pan to the side in order to release the lever all the way but, the new one clears the hub without any interference. This is a big deal if you’re a “Set it and forget it” type of shooter.

All of the other upgrades I mentioned above, about the BR-4, also apply to the new FC-G2.

As an added feature, the legs of all Accu-Tac bipods, both old and new, are interchangeable (except the HD-50). Also, the old legs will fit on the new redesigned center hubs and vice versa.

The LR-10 and SR-5 have also been upgraded but, not to the degree that the FC-G2 and BR4 have. The new hub is the same as the BR-4. However, the legs have longer leg extensions with more notches that are closer together.

So, let’s say you want the taller legs on the wide body. For now, the only way to do that is to pick up the FC-G2 and either an LR-10 or an SR-5. For arguments sake, let’s say you picked up an LR-10. You’d actually end up with the ability to have an FC-G2, LR-10, BR-4, and an unavailable model – a tall FC10-G2, due to Accu-Tac’s ability to easily swap legs.

I see these bipods showing up more and more at competitions. They work well, are made in the USA, and are designed to be very strong! I would highly recommend adding them to your collection. The new models will be available soon!

Happy Shooting!


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