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Big news from Extreme Benchrest 2019 is that Airguns of Arizona will be selling the American Air Arms range of PCPs!

Available Now At Airguns Of Arizona - The EVOL 22 PCP Air Rifle

American Air Arms is a relatively new company that has been steadily growing its range of PCP air rifles. As is implied by the company name, these are completely designed and manufactured in the USA. Precision CNC manufacturing systems are used to create most parts and US-produced materials are utilized wherever possible.

Available Now At Airguns Of Arizona - The EVOL 22 PCP Air Rifle

For example, the receivers are made from 7075 high strength Aluminum. The HPA tubes (max fill pressure 4,000 PSI) are manufactured from Titanium.

The aim is to produce a durable, high quality product that really performs and which really is Made in America!

At this year’s Extreme Benchrest competition, a number of American Air Arms EVOL 22 air rifles were to be found down the firing line.

Available Now At Airguns Of Arizona - The EVOL 22 PCP Air Rifle

For example, last year’s Extreme Benchrest Pro Class winner Claudio Flores was shooting one. That’s Claudio, above.

AAA’s President, Tom Costan was out there too, making holes in paper at long range and scoring well (below).

I spoke to Tom and he explained that his idea for AAA airguns is to make a really solid, heavy duty product that’s able to take a huge amount of use – both for competition and hunting.

Tom also confirmed to me that Airguns of Arizona is carrying the EVOL Line, with the Slayer planned to be added in future. At first both companies will concentrate their efforts on the EVOL 22 mini and TAC 30 models, he said, to avoid being spread too thin by demand.

Here’s Tom with his creations…

Available Now At Airguns Of Arizona - The EVOL 22 PCP Air Rifle

AoA received their first shipment of EVOL air rifles in September and they should be shown on the web site very soon, Tom continued.

In the meantime, you can phone AoA to find out more information about their new EVOL line. The number’s 480-461-1113, if it’s not already memorized on your phone for some reason!

Tom also explained that he designed the EVOL with a robust, regulated sidelever repeater action in .22, .25 and .30 calibers. He has matched this with a high precision, hammer forged chrome moly tensioned barrel system. The whole gun is perfectly matched, he said, providing the most consistent velocities required for extreme accuracy.

Tom is particularly proud that the EVOL’s barrel is firmly threaded into the receiver for maximum rigidity. Unlike other designs that use set-screws for barrel location, the EVOL’s threaded barrel can’t be knocked out of alignment during demanding field use, he says.

American Air Arms also had a demo range slot at EBR. This gave any shooter the opportunity to examine and try out the EVOL 22 and TAC 30 models. I tried one myself and found it very pleasant to shoot.

Available Now At Airguns Of Arizona - The EVOL 22 PCP Air Rifle

These EVOL guns certainly gave me a feeling of durability. They’re lighter than they look. I particularly liked the way that the HPA pressure gauge at the end of the tube is faced to one side. (The left, actually). Now you can check the pressure on an end gauge without having to “look down the barrel”!

The AAA Slayer big bore guns were also performing well in the Production Big Bore Class. Terry Eanetta placed second using one, while Stephen Marsh (below) secured third place.

So – with this development – we can expect to see EVOL air rifles become much more common among shooters. Look out for them at Extreme Benchrest 2020!