Crosman 2300T Target CO2 Pistol

Crosman 2300T Target CO2 Pistol
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Price: $148.50
Manufacturer: Crosman


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This Air Pistol is designed specifically for shooting clubs and organizations that teach pistol shooting. This affordable competition style pistol is perfect for new and advanced shooters.

Special Features Include:

  • Barrel 10.1 inches in length, 10 lands and groves
  • Trigger Single-stage, Adjustable trigger pull 1-4 pounds and an over-travel adjustment screw
  • Power Source Over 40 shots at a consistent velocity from one Crosman Powerlet
  • Rear LPA Sight micrometric adjustments to both windage and elevation with hardened click screws.


Overall Length
2.60 lbs
Single Shot
Up to 420 fps

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Whitetail
09/28/2018 - 06:40:25 PM
Pretty Good Training Pistol
For what it is, this is a pretty good training pistol for practicing marksmanship fundamentals. I'm getting 40+ velocity consistent shots per Umarex CO2 cartridge. It seems to do well, accuracy wise, with most pellets I've tried.

One minor ding is the lack of contrast on the front sight, which is black. This is easily remedied with a dab of white acrylic paint or nail polish. The thing that can't be corrected by the user is the cross-trigger safety. It isn't a problem if you are a right handed shooter, but it's distracting for left handed shooters. The reason being that the safety protrudes into the shooting finger position when the safety is disengaged. That is because the natural place of the trigger finger from the ambidextrous grip must touch and even push back on the safety when the pistol is fired left-handed. I'm right handed, so it's not a huge issue for me but I wish Crosman had put more thought into the design of the grip and safety placement for left handed shooters.
Reviewed by Whitetail
09/27/2018 - 10:06:56 AM
Good for Shooting Fundamentals
I bought this to hone my shooting fundamentals. For this purpose the Crosman 2300T does quite well. I don't get enough range time, especially in the Winter, and this allows me to keep in practice, indoors.

The trigger is reasonably comparable to a center fire trigger. In fact, I think I prefer it to my H&K P2000. The sight radius is longer than most tactical center fire pistols and does take some getting used to. The heft is nice and this pistol doesn't have that cheap plastic feel found in lower priced box store CO2 pistols.

One ding I will give the 2300T is the cross bolt safety. Although the handle is ambidextrous, taking the gun off safe and shooting left handed is a distraction. Shooting left handed, the off safety position puts the cross bolt in an interfering location with your trigger finger. For this reason, the 2300T may not be the best choice for left handed shooters. Since I am primarily a right handed shooter this isn't a big issue for me but it would be nice if the gun were manufactured to put the safety in a different location.

Accuracy and repeat-ability from shot to shot is quite good with most pellets.
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