FX Streamline Guide

FX Streamline Guide

Ultimate Guide to the Streamline by FX Airguns

Features we've come to expect from rifles at least twice the price of the Streamline.

- Matt Dubber, AirArmsHuntingSA

The FX Streamline air rifle comes from a pedigree of great airguns. FX Airguns is a company filled with innovation and bold new designs. From their inception, they have pushed the envelope and evolved their range and the American airgunner is the direct beneficiary of this legacy.

Simple basics like magazine systems that are reliable and easy to use, to complicated air powered semi automatics like the FX Revolution, FX continues to bring models with great designs. FX brought us the first production arrow firing airgun in the FX Airguns Verminator Extreme and the first multi-caliber and fully adjustable supergun in the FX Impact air rifle. They have developed a Smooth Twist barrel technology, completely unique and well proven. They have incorporated fully regulated designs into nearly all their models and have developed a power adjusting system which they hold a coveted patent upon worldwide.

So is this a review on the FX Streamline or a brag on the FX factory? Well, yes to both! All of the accomplishments of the factory leads us to one model. Having done everything they have dreamt possible, FX has turned back to the simple and traditional design from which they began and brings all they have learned together inside one favored shape and look with the FX Streamline air rifle.



FX Streamline Synthetic Right

FX Streamline Synthetic Left

FX Streamline Synthetic .25 Caliber

We begin with the heart of the machine, the main valve and breech block. This mono-block is a mere 1 x 2 x 6 inches in size, but houses an almost magical amount of features. The renowned Smooth Twist barrel is anchored securely in the breech with 2.35 inches of full engagement. The pellets are loaded via a smooth and comfortable side-lever bolt. The FX Streamline .25 sports a low profile, 10-shot magazine which allows you to keep the scope down close with the barrel. By using higher mounts you can use the standard FX 11-shot .25 magazine, but you lose that “streamlined” look and feel.

On the side, the block contains a 3-step power adjuster that is the simplest and most consistent in production. Marked by a series of dots (one, two, or three) simply rotating the wheel increases or decreases the power output of the Streamline. Test results show the power levels range nicely for multipurpose use:

FX Streamline Power Adjuster

FX Streamline 3-Step Power Wheel for .25 Caliber

The trigger assembly is designed to be accessible for adjusting and servicing with ease. As it comes from the factory, the 2-stage adjustable trigger is set with a light first stage and a crisp break at about 14.8 ounces for optimal accuracy and safety. And speaking of safety, the FX Streamline has a manual and resettable lever that can be flicked on or off as needed without fidgeting in the field.

FX Streamline Trigger

FX Streamline Adjustable Trigger and Safety Lever

The rest of the compact block is dedicated to the streamlined valve and regulator which provide the amazing consistency for which FX is well known and expected. This tiny regulator performs a big job and the following shot string is evidence of its performance.

FX Streamline .25 Shot Graph

Combine nearly 45 shots with its regulated valve and the superb Smooth Twist barrel and you get some amazing groups!  At 25 yards, the FX Streamline .25 Blasts away at the 10-ring, lacing pellets inside one hole!

FX Streamline .25 25 Yard Group

And stretch it out to 50 yards, where the regulated consistency becomes so very important, and the FX Streamline stays incredibly accurate!  You could argue that the breeze accounts for what little movement you see, but even still they all stay well inside a penny, for a sub ½ inch group.

FX Streamline .25 50 Yard Group

The .25 caliber version being tested here represents the longer design, where FX has allowed for more barrel and more air cylinder to allow the Streamline .25 to be higher power without losing shots.  If you prefer a smaller and more tidy rifle, choose the FX Streamline in .22 caliber, where it delivers a more-than-adequate 34 ft/lbs for 60 shots but measures in at 4.75 inches shorter and ½ pound lighter in weight.  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

FX Streamline .25 vs .22 Comparison

FX Streamline .22 vs .25 Caliber Lengths

In either form, the FX Streamline represents an amazing platform based on traditional and classic design, and delivers high performance in power, shot count and accuracy. Loaded with features, yet affordable in price, the FX Streamline ranks high in value and will be sure to satisfy the most demanding shooter around!  The most difficult decision will be whether to choose from one of its 3 available stocks or simply pick up one of each for the collection!

FX Streamline .25 vs .22 Comparison

FX Streamline Stocks in Synthetic, Walnut and Laminate!

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