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Huggett Precision Products - Shrouds and Moderators for Airguns

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On rare occassions a range of product comes along that is refined in beauty and elegance and also nears perfection in performance as well. This is true of the range of Huggett Precision Products. This near mastery level of design does not begin with the ultra precision of the cnc machinery, nor does it start with the artful skill of the CAD design engineers. Out on the range and in the field hunting is where the Huggett company is made. Owner, designer and master machinist, Andrew Huggett, develops his line of moderators and shrouds by actually using airguns and listening to other shooters' feedback. This experience is then put into programming using the latest advancements in design techniques. These designs are moved over onto state-of-the-art equipment for machining and finish.

Huggett moderators are made from the finest grade of aluminum and select materials, and are designed to hold up specifically on airguns. These moderators will not withstand the heat and pressure of regular firearms, making them perfect for the US airgunner, where laws restrict the use of firearm silencers.

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