Overall Rating: 99.67%
Average Rating: 9.97/10
I am of the opinion that Airguns of Arizona is the best airgun resource, based on many years of experience purchasing airguns and working with their suppliers. Their products, packaging, and customer service are the gold standard in this business.
Chris Costeines
A friend of mine told me about you guys. Awesome. You are a few miles from my mom’s place. Such fun. I have bought two toys, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo and Browning Buck Mark URX air pistol. Both guns are great fun, not a soda can in sight without a few new holes. Such fun plinking. The people at AOA are some of the nicest people in the business, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and understanding. No pressure to purchase anything other than what you ask for, so nice to have such thoughtfulness. My buddy was right I am a happy customer. Thank you guys for re-igniting my joy for plinking......
Masood Haque
Ordered a LCS Air Arms SK-19 22 cal. Very well balanced light weight rifle for having such a long barrel. Fit and finish are top notch. I have a Hatsan AT-44-10 and other mid to low end guns. Bought this to kick it up. Bought on internet. Sales called for final payment. Very friendly and I had it in three days. Thanks!
Walter Rogers, midwest security sevices dayton ohio
Purchased a Weihrauch 97K Blue Laminate with Stainless / Nickel metal Finish. with Aztec Emerald 3-18 X 50mm scope. I purchased this rifle in August of 2019 it is my seventh Weihrauch rifle. I am a retired Tactical Officer From a Valley Police Department and a was a Certified Rifle Instructor for that agency. I am still involved in a break in process for this rifle, it has not been a disappointment in any way. Thank you!
Rick Fife, Retired Peace Officer
I enjoy very much the sport of shooting because it challenges my concentration and physical abilities. I found out about modern day airguns about 12 years ago and since then the technology in this sports/ hobby has taken enormous leaps. Airguns of Arizona has always been on the leading edge of the advancement, but it has also followed the path of quality over fashions and fast buck profits. They don’t sell junk. I myself am a diehard fan of spring operated airguns , they require a lot of practice, patience and ability. My favorites are the Diana springer and I just can’t get over the amazement that these air rifles can deliver such excellent accuracy and more than enough power for small game and pest control. One of the most important things to me as a hunter is to make one shot count and do it with ability. Airguns of Arizona has always had the best selection of spring airguns and they check them out free of cost to the buyer before they ship it out. They also have very good prices and very good specials. Their staff is top of the line knowledgeable and very courteous. They always want to have a satisfied customer. It’s almost incredible to find a such a successful business of selling airguns in a state that owning firearms is a given, that alone corroborates that they are doing things very well. They have their sights very well adjusted to the future.
Primo Rodriguez , Satisfied customer

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