Overall Rating: 99.77%
Average Rating: 9.98/10
I received Hw80 .22 and it truly is the best springer for shooting and hunting. I also own a walther lgu .177, Hw 77 .22, Hw 95 .177,walther Terrus .22 and a walther Parrus .22 .They are all great rifles but the hw80 is amazing.I think if I bought the hw80 first it be the only airgun I would have owned. Thank you AOA for all the Airguns I bought from you. Customer for life.
John Aki
I recently purchased 2 great PCP air guns, a Weihrauch HW44 .22 cal. pistol and a FX Crown .22 cal. rifle. Airguns of Arizona were one of the few companies that had both models in stock and at a decent price point. I talked to several sales and customer service folks during my decision process and each person I talked to was knowledgeable, friendly and gave me accurate information. I would recommend AOA to anyone looking for their next, or first air gun.

Roger Veth
Just purchased the new NOVA FREEDOM .22 with built in PCP pump. AOA was very helpful and did a price match from a competitor. I got the gun and it was shipped inside 2 strong boxes with plenty of protection.

This air rifle, is now my favorite of all time { and I've owned springer, marauder, crosman , gamo, hatsan, etc} It is very accurate, has a great trigger, easy to shoot , not loud , etc. For the money, I feel it is the best air rifle on the market right now. I turned the rear air bolt clockwise 2 full turns, and i'm getting 32 FPE with 14.5Gr pellets at 3100 PSI . I have found that if you go up to 3500-3600 PSI, you actually get less FPS for the 1st few shots, until you get down to around 3000 PSI. , so around 3100 PSI seems to be the sweet spot for me.

The only thing I would like to see on this gun, is for it to be a true semi-auto without the need to cock the bolt and load each pellet into the chamber after each shot. Having this gun in a true semi-auto format, would be a dream come true for under $400. They also give you a nice warranty period. This current shipment of rifle are the ones that have been improved and solved any issues of the previous version. Make sure you clean the barrel before you shot it. You can also take the barrel shroud off, and use a laser bore sighter, to quickly and accurately sight the rifle in, with the included open sights, or your own scope.

Awesome customer service. AOA sent me the wrong gun during hectic Christmas week. Called them and they sent return merchandise form. UPS the return and the day it arrived back to them, my replacement gun arrived here the same time. How many business will do that. Thanks AOA
Jim Jackson, Retired game warden
I have made two PCP air rifle purchases over the last 2+ years. I can attest this is a superior organization, with superior staff and products. Although I have encountered some mechanical issues, nothing that could not be corrected with the excellent knowledge and customer care focus of the AOA staff. I anticipate future purchases, service and technical support and look forward to visiting on-site at some point in the future. I only wish I lived closer to facilitate a more direct relationship.
Jim Anderson

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