Overall Rating: 99.79%
Average Rating: 9.98/10
Received my new HW95 Luxus about 3 weeks ago. Great gun. Last check, my gun was firing at 919 FPS and after about 300 shots I can say that it seems broken in. Very accurate and a joy to shoot. I like a light trigger so I set it at just over 1 lb. Took one tree rat at 115 feet. This gun seems to like several pellets but really likes the JSB 8.44. H&N's shoot well also. I followed the printed inst. before firing and was surprised to find the barrel clean from the dealer. It has a little bit of twang but I can deal with it for now. Accuracy does not seem to be affected. Overall, I cannot brag enough on this gun and Air Guns of Arizona for their prompt delivery and excellent packaging. Keep up the good work!
Dennis Musselwhite
Just received my HW50 Hunter. What a great air rifle. If I knew then what I know now I would have fewer spring powered air rifles. In the beginning it was about power and fps. After buying a Diana 48 .22. Then came a Beeman R9 .177 then a HW30 .177, then a Diana 52 .177, then a Diana 430L .177.
I'm a backyard shooter, 20 to 30 yard shots. I only shoot dots on paper and metal spinners. I love shooting. Thank God for nice German air guns, Hawke AirMax scopes and Vortek tune kits.
I purchased a Donny FL Benjamin Marauder UNF Adapter and a Donny FL Sumo Silencer. I can’t begin to tell you how effortless is was. The prices can’t be beat, the customer service is outstanding and the speed of processing and shipping is awesome. As soon as I received my package, I installed the adapter and silencer and I’m so impressed with the performance. I can’t wait for my next purchase. “Thank you very much”!
Robert Kirkpatrick
I received Hw80 .22 and it truly is the best springer for shooting and hunting. I also own a walther lgu .177, Hw 77 .22, Hw 95 .177,walther Terrus .22 and a walther Parrus .22 .They are all great rifles but the hw80 is amazing.I think if I bought the hw80 first it be the only airgun I would have owned. Thank you AOA for all the Airguns I bought from you. Customer for life.
John Aki
I recently purchased 2 great PCP air guns, a Weihrauch HW44 .22 cal. pistol and a FX Crown .22 cal. rifle. Airguns of Arizona were one of the few companies that had both models in stock and at a decent price point. I talked to several sales and customer service folks during my decision process and each person I talked to was knowledgeable, friendly and gave me accurate information. I would recommend AOA to anyone looking for their next, or first air gun.

Roger Veth

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