Benjamin Marauder Rifle Custom HDD

Marauder Rifle HDD
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Fits older model (1763, 2263, 2563) Benjamin Marauder rifles. Does not fit the current Marauder models. HDD eliminates hammer bounce, thus creating a more efficient firing cycle, resulting in increased shot count and decreased noise. Installation requires no modification to the factory unit, and is a drop-in design.

*Not factory authorized parts, and may void factory warranty if used.

**Note: For instructions and support we provide the guides linked on this page. This is the full extent of the support we can supply on these custom parts. Please do not call with installation questions or instruction as we cannot give any verbal support. These custom parts carry no warranty, and use may void factory warranty on the product to which they are installed. Airguns of Arizona assumes no liability on the safety or function of the products listed on this page. All sales on these parts are final.


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06/29/2012 - 09:23:00 PM
Works like a charm!
I read the install guide and Jock's excellent blog article, and the install was simple. The little tips helped. The best part is that it really works. My shot count went up without any downside. For such a simple device and a reasonable price, the long term gain was well worth it! Thanks to the designer and to AOA for making these available!
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