GTX Gen-II Trigger

GTX Gen-II Trigger
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Replaces trigger in the following models:


Trail NP (all)

Meteor Mk6

Quest (all)
Nitro Venom
Phantom (all)
TAC1 (all)

Carbine Sport
CFX (all)
Hunter (all)
Recon (all)
Shadow (all)
Varmint Hunter
Viper (all)
Whisper (all)
640 Carbine

NOTE - Will not work with new style plastic trigger Gamo models

Rapid MK-1

**Note: For instructions and support we provide the guides linked on this page. This is the full extent of the support we can supply on these custom parts. Please do not call with installation questions or instruction as we cannot give any verbal support. These custom parts carry no warranty, and use may void factory warranty on the product to which they are installed. Airguns of Arizona assumes no liability on the safety or function of the products listed on this page. All sales on these parts are final.


Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Chvysb350
10/26/2019 - 06:29:50 AM
A world of difference for a low price
I have an old Benjamin NP Trail that has frustrated me for years. It has to have worst groups of any rifle that I own. 20 yrds. Is usually about a 2 inch group. The trigger pull is long and unpredictable. I have put the rifle up and forgot about it for years, because it is simply too inaccurate. Well, the seasons have changed here and cool weather has me outside wanting to shoot again. So I recently pulled the rifle out with the intent of making it shoot straight or at least figuring out why it doesn't. I discovered that if I am very, very careful with the trigger pull, i could tighten that group up to around an inch and a quarter. So I started researching and found this trigger. It arrived and I had it in and adjusted in 10 minutes. The instructions are well written. It was really windy and I was new to the trigger. My first ten shots fell in a tight 1/2 " group....a world of difference! The trigger is two stage. Mine has almost no resistance on the first stage, then you hit the wall and just breath on it, and the trigger breaks cleanly. I am excited. After years of having a worthless rifle, I have stumbled on the solution and it was easy and affordable.
My other rifle is a Benjamin Marauder .22. I actually prefer the feeling of the gtx II trigger to the stock settings on the Marauder. Now I am going to have to tinker with that rifle as well.
Thank you, Airguns of Arizona! Great product, fast shipping!
Reviewed by duvalldls
04/22/2018 - 01:18:58 PM
Are You Disgusted With Your Stock Trigger?
Install this trigger and stop trying to hold target with that horrible Crosman stock trigger. You'll wonder why you didn't spend $30 to fix that issue earlier.

This trigger was so easy to install in my Benjamin Prowler and it took only 20 minutes to do it. The time it took and the money spent was well worth it.

Reviewed by DanD
08/25/2017 - 07:14:55 AM
Excellent two stage trigger
I installed one in a 2015-ish Benjamin Titan. Excellent instructions for installation and adjustment. Drop-in installation. Followed adjustment instructions and only needed 1/8 turn of an adjustment screw for a superb two stage trigger. 1st stage is smooth and light, second stage wall is well-defined and breaks cleanly at 1 lb 3oz.
07/02/2012 - 09:36:00 AM
Great product AoA!
Whoo hoo! I got the GTX-Gen II trigger in this morning and already
installed it in my Benji Trail NP XL. I replaced the gold trigger sold
by the "other guy". Wow! This trigger is great. Installation is a snap
and adjustment is even easier with the very clear and descriptive
01/28/2012 - 03:07:00 PM
GTX II Trigger
I just recently installed the GTX trigger that you recently sent to me in my Crosman Nitro Venom air rifle. What a difference!! I would recommend this trigger to anyone who has this air rifle. The accuracy is much improved, as the rifle I no longer have to put up with an inordinately long trigger pull. I installed the new trigger in about fifteen minutes.
12/14/2011 - 06:28:00 PM
Noticeable improvement over the GRT-111
I have a Benjamin Trail NP in .22 cal. that I had installed a GRT-111 in some time ago since, as is well known, the factory trigger is wanting.

The GRT-111 certainly lightened up the pull but had virtually no stages that could be discerned. Just the slightest touch on the trigger by my finger fired the shot. Most troublesome of all was that the trigger, once installed, only projected barely an inch below the stock trigger housing at an angle such that only one-half of my trigger finger could engage the trigger (I have small hands!). GRT-111 recommends, as a possible fix, filing notches in the trigger strut then readjusting the stages and that too much filing can cause a further problem. They also state that this may or may not fix the problem of a light trigger pull. No comment on the trigger extension.

After much consideration I ordered one of your GTX Gen 11 triggers. I just installed it today, using your "factory" settings, and I must say there is a noticeable improvement in the trigger pull and my trigger finger engagement on the trigger. While still light, I can feel the transition from the first stage to the second, small as it might be, which has helped the rifle's accuracy. My trigger finger also engages the entire trigger which gives much more positive control when shooting, to say the least.

Since both triggers are virtually identical in appearance, I can only attribute the GTX Gen 11 superior fit to the "attention to detail" of your trigger, like the ball-screws, fit, and tolerances...which have made a very noticeable improvement in firing the rifle.

Well done!
11/16/2011 - 11:47:00 AM
Works perfectly!
Just got the two GTX triggers I ordered from you for the Benjamin Classic .22

I want to let you know that they are very easy to install and they work perfectly with this air gun.
I measured the pull weight and it's around 1.3 lbs.....great.
09/23/2011 - 04:31:00 PM
The GTX genII trigger......
Thanks folks for the great my new gtx trigger and popped it in quick.
Went outside and fired a pellet....WOW what a difference it made to my Benjamin Trail .22
Thanks for a great product!
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