FX Smooth Twist .25 Pellets 30 grains

FX Smooth Twist .25 Pellets 30 grains
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Manufacturer: FX Airguns


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Smooth Twist Pellets designed specifically for the FX Smooth Twist (ST) barrels. Smooth Twist pellets are the most consistent pellet made. They are designed to be more stable and accurate in windy conditions and are manufactured in the UK with extreme precision and tight tolerances. Each design and every die undergoes a severe testing period before pellets are sent through production, ensuring results.


30 grains

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Reviewed by Mark_Walt
02/09/2017 - 06:57:58 PM
Let the gun pick the pellet
This is an example of a pellet where you need to let the gun decide. If you are new to air guns then let me tell you that a pellet that shoots good in your buddies gun might shoot terribly in your gun of the exact same model. In one of my FX guns it shoots about 1" groups at 25 yards, which is considered pretty bad. In another FX gun of mine it will keep it truly in one hole. Both of my guns are in .25 caliber. You just need to get 10 different kinds of pellets and see what works best.
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