JSB Test Set Exact .177 Pellets

JSB Test Set Exact .177 Pellets
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Price: $14.99
Manufacturer: JSB
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This pack contains 50 Pieces of 7 different variations of JSB pellets. This Sampler pack allows the shooter to try different varieties of JSB's best domed pellets for the normal price of a can of pellets. With a Wide selection of different weight Exact pellets starting from lightest Exact RS (7.33gr) up to heaviest Exact Monster (13.43gr), we Believe you will find your favorite among these.


7.33 gr - 13.43 gr

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Reviewed by Gunny69
09/23/2017 - 09:40:04 AM
Nice test pack
Not so nice packaging! The lid was not taped and opened during shipping so I got a box full of mixed pellets. It was easy to separate the Heavy's and Monsters but I have no way to separate 4.51 from 4.52 from 4.53 which basically leaves me with some expensive plinking pellets.
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