FX Ranchero Synthetic Pistol .177

FX Ranchero Synthetic Pistol .177
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Manufacturer: FX Airguns
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When a company becomes known for its accurate and consistent rifles, its diversity and attention to detail, and revolutionary designs, what is its next move? The answer is in the Ranchero pistol! A cooperative design between Airguns of Arizona and FX Airguns, the FX Ranchero perfects the precharged pneumatic pistol! Sporting all the great features of the Cyclone rifle, the Ranchero is equipped with everything a sporting pistol needs! Included in this bundle are features which include a Smooth Twist barrel with threaded muzzle, removable air cylinder which can be filled on or off the pistol, discreet pressure gauge showing state of fill, simple single-motion biathlon bolt which can be setup on the left or right side, 8-shot rotary magazine system which loads easily with no hassles or tools, adjustable 2-stage match trigger, 3-step external power adjuster, and a stylish and comfortable walnut grip with fore end (available in left-hand as well). The Ranchero is not only feature loaded, but it delivers on the function side as well. With target grade accuracy, shot-to-shot consistency, and power to spare, the FX Ranchero takes front seat in the pcp pistol world, and has a well-deserved place within the FX product range.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
3.3 lbs
Cylinder Volume
Up To 15 ft/lbs
8 Shots

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Reviewed by Mark3388
06/22/2017 - 07:54:22 PM
Incredible PCP Pistol
I bought this gun almost a year ago, was hesitant to spend this much on this gun but.....WOw. It is almost similar to the marauder but BETTER!!, you can swap out air cylinders to get more shots when you are out hunting, it has 3 power settings which i use often depending if i am hunting ( Hight ) or target shooting ( Low ), it also has a match grade trigger so you can get very accurate shots with this pistol. I mounted a Bushenll red dot on it and hitting quarter to dime size groups with it, i recently bought a UTG Bug Buster for it and WOW...really nice set up. I was gonna get the wood version but felt the stock to bulky and was not digging the look of it, so opted for the synthetic as resembles more a pistol so you can grip it like one. I probably will get a custom laminate stock ordered straight from Steve corcoran how by the way makes the wood stocks for this gun. I do wish that FX made this same gun with .177 barrels or.......the option to switch barrels on it, that would be way cool. One last thing it is a little loud in closed areas but not too bad, probably will get a LDC for it. Amazing pistol....Buy it.

Mark R from CA
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