Brocock Compatto Target With Regulator .177

Brocock Compatto Target With Regulator .177
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The new Compatto Target is Brocock's response to the growing trend of factories fitting regulators to their airgun firing systems. Brocock has commissioned the HUMA factory to build a oem regulator for installation in  the new Target model . This partnership has resulted in a Compatto model that delivers better shot to shot consistency for even higher levels of accuracy. The new Compatto Target sports a Soft Touch finish on the high grade ballistic grade synthetic stock and the scope rail is engraved with the designation “Target” proudly displayed.


Overall Length
6.9 lbs
up to 18 ft/lbs
Scope Rail
10-shot magazine
3 Years

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Reviewed by vparks
09/23/2017 - 09:00:53 AM
.177 Compatto Target with Regulator
My Compatto Target arrived safely, via UPS on 9/22/17, with much anticipation as to the power level. I ordered it having resigned to myself to the fact that it'll be 18-20 ft-lbs, with great consistency but no significant increase in shot count. All information that I could find listed on this model indicated that the .177 regulated models are 12 ft-lb only at this time. FAC models are listed along with 12-ft-lb options for the .22 caliber variants on Brocock's Website, but not for the .177. When I unboxed my Compatto I was pleasantly surprised to see that my AOA supplied 5 shot test slip showed that 10.6 Baracudas averaged 712 fps ...12 ft-lbs pretty much on the nose - which is exactly what I wanted! This is the power level that I desired for high shot count AND target accuracy potential. The box on my rifle was labeled as 12 ft-lb but that had been marked through and had FAC printed in ink beside it. I'm not sure what went on there ...maybe I got a non-FAC gun in a mislabeled box? (Hmmm! ...I don't know for sure). Another thought is that perhaps with this rifle being almost exactly 12 ft-lbs, it would be risky to sell it in the UK as a non-FAC gun.
Whatever/Anyhow ...THANKS AOA! I got exactly what I wanted and this little semi-bullpup seems to be all that I could ask for in shot count, consistency and accuracy. A scope sight-in this morning indicates it'll hit the mark with brown-boxed Crosman 10.5 Premiers. Will have to try other pellets to find a most perfect match at this power level.
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