Daystate Pulsar HP Forrest Green Laminate Bullpup .22

Daystate Pulsar HP Forrest Green Laminate Bullpup .22
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Daystate Airguns has a long history of manufacturing some of the finest airguns in the world. Building on the companies tradition of quality before quantity, the design team in England and Italy are proud to present the all new Pulsar HP Bullpup Air Rifle. The Pulsar is the culmination of decades of research and development including technologies found in aerospace and medical industries alike. The electronic firing and regulating system is completely water proof and provides the most precise shot control that air driving a pellet can provide. The breech block, being machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a ultra glide side lever, can be reversed for the left handed shooter. Daystate has worked to include a vast array of features even the most demanding airgun shooters have come to expect. The rifle includes a built in level to show scope canting, a laser targeting system brilliantly place in the for end that turns on when the rifle is cocked and goes off when fired, and a computer mapping system with three tuned power level choices that maximize shot count on each of the different selections. The software also displays shot count, cylinder pressure, battery life, and more. The result gives the user three perfectly tuned guns in one. A ten shot magazine feeds the highest quality Lothar-Walther barrel available resulting in match grade accuracy. With a completely redesigned sound moderating system, each shot produces barely a whisper. The Pulsar spans the gap between shooting bench rest, field target, pest control, and long range hunting with the same gun. The stock has been masterfully design and produced by the finest Italian craftsman the trade has to offer. Cheek panels can even be changed to suit the styling needs of the individual owner. A picatinny rail for easy mounting of a bipod or other accessories is integrated into the design features of the Pulsar's laminated wood stock. Finally, the stock is capped with a fully adjustable butt pad to assure comfort and proper head position. Those fortunate enough to acquire one of these artisan inspired shooting instruments will cherish every moment behind the trigger.


Overall Length
Barrel Length
8.3 lbs
Cylinder Volume
up to 50 ft/lbs
Scope Rail

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by RPKuffel
06/28/2019 - 05:47:37 PM
Great Shooting Riflately
I Bought this rifle after looking through many air rifles. I took a trip to Arizona from where i live in Virginia, as AOA had the best prices on this rifle. i walked in very soon after opening and was pleased to meet Lauren, a gunsmith, and 16 year airgun veteran. I explained why i was there on the 19th of June 2019, and that i had wanted to see a Pulsar in .303 caliber. after handling the .303, she asked why i wanted in in that cal. and all i could think to say was "ego!". after discussing the pros and cons of the other available calibers, she suggested the .22 cal and i have to say she was right. she suggested a first focal plane Aztec optics emerald 5.5-25x50 scope, and the appropriate mounts. with this scope and mounts the gun and scope fit into the case. I also got a 0DB suppressor. Lauren then switched the action to left handed, and proof shot the rifle. This rifle is very cool, it is a much better shot then i am at this point. the rotary magazine works well, and you can accurately fire the rifle almost as fast as you can cycle the action. Ive put a Caldwell carbon fiber bi-pod on the rail and use a Nomad 2 compressor to fill it.
Thank you for importing and selling these products
Rich Kuffel
Reviewed by Seidstep
04/20/2019 - 09:02:06 AM
Second to None
This is my second Daystate. I love my Huntsman XL, but the accuracy of the Pulsar wows me. Since the scope had to be taken off for shipping, I went out to sight it in. It was remarkably close, but needed to be tweaked slightly. At first I was distressed when I couldn’t locate my 30 yd. shots... I discovered I was sending the pellet through an already existing hole in the target. Since my target had lots of target stickers around the outside area I started around the perimeter. Every dot now has a hole through it the first time I aimed. I am an old amateur, but this gun makes me feel like their may be some ability in my right eye and index finger!

3 Power Levels
Ability to Accessorize
Hard Case
3 Year Warranty
Haptics when magazine is empty
Low air warning
Airguns of Arizona Staff, Advice & Knowledge

Hard Case
1. Moderator must be removed
2. Scope must be removed
The moderator could have fit if the foam had it been cut out differently.
The scope might need a slightly larger hard case depending on the size/brand/model of the scope.

It isn’t a deal breaker... not even close, but disappointing for sure.

At 30 yds. On Mid power level, I blew my shooting box apart. The angled metal back plate was knocked out of the box (for good). It will require a new heavy duty box. I stuffed the box with layer after layer of old jeans for stopping pellets. It worked until the Pulsar HP.

When they tell you at AOA that the JSB Jumbo Heavy Redesigned are the best fit for this model... listen!

I added a Huggett moderator just to make sure the church mice would not be alerted. The birds in the trees above me seemed unaffected as I fired it.

I probably would have gone with a .25, but with an almost $500 difference in price, Hi Power, and close range needs, I see no need to spend $500 more. I am not disappointed in any way except possibly the hard case. You will not have buyer’s remorse with this gun. This is the most expensive bargain you may ever have the opportunity to buy!

A good bipod would be very useful with this gun.
Reviewed by dagley
06/18/2018 - 02:37:24 PM
Pulsar HP Review
Good: More accurate than I am.
High shot count
Picitiny rail for mounting bipod and flashlight
Built in bubble level (Nice touch and it needs it)
Excellent trigger
Batteries last a long time
Adjustable butt plate
Respectable range (egg 3 out of four hits at 100 yards, outdoors )
Fit and finish: Beyond reproach
Bad: Takes some time to understand how to "wake" the gun up. I had several instances at first where I thought I had the gun in battery, pulled the trigger and nothing happened! By the time I fussed with it and got it ready, the rabbit got bored and I missed the opportunity! There is a red LED to let you know it is inn battery and ready to go but it is at the rear of the stock. Honestly, I don't know where else it could go, perhaps near the bubble level. You need to have a clear understanding of how to wake the gun up before going hunting.

Expensive. All the good stuff is, but this is a lot of dough!

Heavy and ungainly. The HP has a longer barrel and if you put a suppressor on it like I did, you negate any benefit of the bullpup design. I can't tell if the suppressor actually does anything. Whatever floats your boat on that one.

I don't have any kind of sling, but as is, there is no comfortable way to carry this gun! The pistol grip is nice for shooting, but is awkward and in the way for field use. It wont fit in the gun rack on the Ranger.


A primo piece of equipment, arguably the best. I would say however it is best suited to bench target shooters or fixed position hunters who hunt from a stand or someplace where they can rest the gun on something to take advantage of the excellent accuracy. But, then again, I'm old and don't do much walking around.

Recently, the forest service shut down our center fire rifle amateur range because of fire restrictions. So, I invited the guys over for an air rifle challenge in my back yard. Life sized cotton tail rabbit target at 52 yards, shooting off the bench with the bi-pod. Three points for an eye shot, two points for a hit in the quarter sized heart bulls eye and one point anywhere else on the rabbit.

Well. they kicked my butt, however, out of over 100 shots, nobody missed the rabbit! That's pretty dang good.

D. Reeves

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