Daystate Renegade Black Synthetic Bullpup .22

Daystate Renegade Black Synthetic Bullpup .22
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It may share a resemblance to Daystate’s beautifully styled Pulsar flagship precharged pneumatic, but the all‐new Renegade is distinguishable by a secret hidden deep within its synthetic stock: its Precharged action is mechanically‐driven! In place of an electronic GCU (Gun Control Unit) and map compensated firing cycle, the heart of the Renegade beats around the mechanical Harper‐patented Slingshot Hammer system, as fitted to its popular Wolverine and Regal siblings. The result is an all‐new rifle that shares many of the features equipped on the revolutionary Pulsar, but without all the computerized complexity and expense. Yet the Renegade is itself not devoid of ground‐breaking features, not least it’s Hybrid Trigger Unit (HTU). Historically, the bullpup design has delivered limitations with the trigger release due to the more forward location requiring inefficient levers that are detrimental to a good feel. With the electronic Pulsar, this problem was overcome. And Daystate has now extended its know‐how to develop a hybrid electronic/mechanical trigger for the Renegade – the first system of its kind to be seen on a high powered PCP air rifle, and marking an end to the age‐old problem of a poor trigger let‐off for mechanically‐driven bullpups. Powered by a single, readily available PP3 type 9‐volt battery, the HTU simply transfers the trigger’s movement via a wire to a small solenoid which, instantaneously, releases the normally functioning sears toward the rear of the Renegade’s action. In essence, it’s an electronic, fly‐by‐wire system that brings the best of both worlds to the bullpup configuration.


Overall Length
Barrel Length
7.8 lbs
Cylinder Volume
Up To 33 ft/lbs
10 Shots

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Reviewed by hawkeye
03/12/2018 - 01:31:59 PM
Accurate & powerful .22
It's heavier than I expected weighing in at almost 8 pounds without a scope. Adding an Aztec and mounts makes mine close to 9.5 pounds, and like bull-pups in general it's top heavy.
Mine shoots both 15.89 18.13 JSB's equally well and the recommended H&N Match 21.14 too. The 10 round magazine indexes smoothly, is easy to load and allows for topping off. The lever action being at the rear takes a little getting used to, but it doesn't take long and the electronic trigger makes shooting it a pleasure. By the way, the gun is super accurate.
I like the location of the safety close to the trigger but for a right handed shooter when carrying the rifle it's easy to accidentally switch it from the safe to fire position. I wish there was way to reverse it.
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