Daystate Wolverine 2 HP Hi-Lite Laminate .25 Air Rifle

Daystate Wolverine 2 HP Hi-Lite Laminate .25 Air Rifle
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Manufacturer: Daystate


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Daystate developed the high power sporting rifle in response to great demand from airgun hunters in the USA.

Enter the Wolverine 2 HP

In addition to packing a punch the multishot Wolverine 2 is also unique in featuring gun handling and safety’s that will be more familiar to firearm shooters such as a bolt open safety a resettable safety catch plus a pressure system that prevents the rifle chambering more than one bullet at a time.

Why a Daystate high power air rifle ?

Airgun hunters have for a long time, enjoyed the benefits of using an air rifle to take small game, and for pest control.

Airguns are unique, with low cost of ammunition, the potential for lower power outputs than firearms making them safer within buildings and hazardous locations, and less environmental impact (noise).

Until now, airgun hunters wishing to hunt for medium sized game have had to change to full bore rifles or shotguns.

With the introduction of the Wolverine 2 High Power there is now an airgun alternative !

The Wolverine 2 HP with its 10 shot rotary magazine and muzzle energy of up to 70 ft lbs is more than capable of taking larger game species at sensible airgun ranges.

  • Open bolt safety
  • Waste air powered magazine rotating system that will not allow for loading two pellets into barrel
  • Reinforced magazine
  • Large diameter shroud system
  • Owner reversible bolt for left hand shooters
  • Ambidextrous Laminate stock
  • Precision machined alloy trigger guard
  • Curved rubber butt pad
  • The World's Best Warranty on a PCP rifle

The new Wolverine 2 is destined for greatness in the field or winners circle. The Hi-Lite model features a 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle as standard.


Cylinder Volume
up to 70 ft/lbs
Scope Rail

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by kenne
08/11/2018 - 07:03:45 PM
.25 Powerhouse laminate
My first review was for my .25 FX impact and I forgot to thank the fine hardworking folks at AOA...won't make that mistake twice! Thank you Rich and all the crew at AOA for going above and beyond the call of duty to get this exquisite rifle to me at break-neck speed,you guys are the best!
This Wolverine 2 HP is simply put ,a work of art, and as much a powerhouse as it is in craftsmanship. The most astonishing aspect of this gem is that it is not pellet finicky , unlike my FX impact that has to be dialed in differently to different pellets. I'm guessing that a regulated pcp versus non-regulated pcp is what makes the difference between pellet fussy and not? My Brocock Grand Prix S6 pistol is non regulated like my Wolverine 2 HP and likewise is not pellet fussy.
Accuracy is ne plus ultra as should be expected in a pcp of this quality and the laminate stock is breathtaking. The trigger has no equal in my opinion.
I have no doubt that I could harvest a whitetail with a clean head shot 40 yards or closer, it's that powerful!

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