FX Boss .30 Laminate Air Rifle

FX Boss .30 Laminate Air Rifle
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The 2011 IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany gave birth to idea of the .30 caliber pellet by FX Airguns and JSB Pellets.  Airguns of Arizona was present at this meeting where JSB was charged with the task to build a quality lead airgun pellet for a concept that FX was working on at the time; “Build a proper large caliber rifle and pellet combination to open new avenues for airgun hunting and sport”. After two years of research and development by both firms and many hours of testing, the FX Boss is now a proud member of the FX family.

Based around the proven design of the Royale series, the Boss utilizes a highly efficient combination of valve and regulator to produce impressive results!  At a magnum power of 78 ft/lbs, the Boss holds a consistent shot-to-shot spread, ensuring accuracy to pair with the raw power for hunting. The 24" Smooth Twist barrel is completely custom and designed to perform perfectly with the combination of the Boss platform and the pellets designed by JSB. The barrel is finished with a highly effective sound moderator which takes the report of the rifle down to a low and manageable puff of air.  Throw in a 9-shot magazine for ease of shooting, and the FX Boss stacks up as an effective and efficient field rifle for medium to large size game.  With the latest "Pepper" laminate stock, the FX Boss looks as good as it performs! As first hand testimony for the Boss, the factory owner/designer of FX Airguns, Fredrik Axelsson, not only competed with the FX Boss .30 in the 2012 Extreme Benchrest competition, but he won the match with a 2 point lead over the remaining competitors. The FX Boss has power, quiet report, and match winning accuracy wrapped up inside an amazing new caliber design!

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Overall Length
Barrel Length
7.5 lbs
Cylinder Volume
Up To 78 ft/lbs
Up To 900 fps

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Reviewed by dannyshoots
01/06/2017 - 07:00:05 AM
My EBR Rifle
I bought a Boss shortly before the EBR in August or September of 2016. For reasons I have never fully understood, the rifle wasn't shooting for me the way it shot for the people testing it at AoA. To AoA's credit, they made every effort to make sure I was happy with the rifle. In the end, when I shot it at the EBR in October, I was convinced my initial problem with it was all with the shooter and not with the rifle. At 75 yards, the Boss was planting those .30 cal JSBs in the bull with ease. However, 100 yards is where the Extreme in the EBR comes into play. I learned the Boss will absolutely do its part as long as the shooter knows how to dance with the wind on that 100 yard dance floor. Bottom line... The Boss and I will be back at EBR in '17 and I'll bring my dancing shoes this time.

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