FX Crown Gray Laminate .25 Airgun

FX Crown Gray Laminate .25 Airgun
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Sale Price: $2,049.99
Compared at: $2,198.90
You Save: $148.91
Manufacturer: FX Airguns


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FX Airguns is proud to announce the new FX CROWN – A classic-looking rifle that blends traditional beauty with modern technology.

Features Include:

  • The new Smooth Twist X barrel system (allows you to change barrel length and twist rate in seconds)
  • Two power adjusters for hammer spring & transfer port
  • Externally adjustable regulator
  • Full barrel shroud
  • 16 shot magazine
  • Laminate Stock
  • Ability to change caliber
  • Adjustable cheekpiece included (not pictured)
  • Optional Match Trigger

Specifications and more details coming soon!



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Reviewed by bzizzi373
01/20/2018 - 09:36:39 AM
FX Crown .2 Fine Tuning
After owning my FX Crown since Christmas I have learned a few things, first if you remove barrel liner for any reason if you don't put back in exact same location you will have to sight gun back in. Simple solution is to put a reference mark on top of liner so putting back in same spot is simple. I scribed a small line with a carbide point and filled in with red paint. Now if I remove liner to clean I just make sure line is pointing up.
Next I adjusted regulator in conjunction with hammer tension screw so I can shoot 34 Gr JSB Exacts at 840 FPS on Max, then if I want to shoot JSB 25.4 gr I simply rotate hammer tension dial to 4 and velocity is
exactly where it was when I received gun from the factory 885-890 fps and am still getting close to 100 shots and accuracy is the same.
So far gun has been lights out accurate with no problems, I have put about 1500 rounds through the Crown so far.
Another maintenance item that I found is the barrel liner needs cleaned about every 500 shots, bore gets really dirty with black lead deposits and flakes of lead.
I switch back and forth with pellets because the 34 gr do better in the wind and at longer ranges past 75 yards than the 25.4
Reviewed by imnobody
12/26/2017 - 05:24:50 PM
I got my Crown
I received my FX Crown last week. It is the Blue Laminate 25 cal model. It is beautiful This is the best looking gun out there. Mounted a MTC Viper Pro
5-30x50 with FX rings.

Started to remove the action from stock and found that the bottle was rubbing the stock but when I loosened the front stock bolt it freed up. When I inspected the stock I found that there was a shim at the rear stock bolt and a shim mid way in stock but not at front stock bolt. When you would tighten up the stock screws it would pull the stock up to meet the receiver and cause the bind. I made a shim for the front so when the receiver was sitting in the stock it was resting on the stock at both ends no gap under the receiver at bolt holes. Assembled gun and inspected now have clearance between stock and bottle.

When stock was off I installed a rail for an Atlas Bipod. Assembled gun and zeroed at 25 yards all shots into almost one hole very impressed. I will be taking it out to the range next week and zero at 50 and 100 yards. I cant wait.

This is a very nice rifle don't be afraid to spend the money you will never be sorry you did.

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