FX Impact X Silver .177

FX Impact X Silver .177
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Price: $2,099.99
Manufacturer: FX Airguns


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Airgun innovation requires skill and intelligence with the ability to see in three dimensions with the minds eye. Altering a stock or changing the air cylinder or barrel length does not meet the definition of innovative. The design team at FX Airguns is lead by some of the most forward thinking minds in the industry with cutting edge technology always applied. Enter the new, feature rich FX Impact X air rifle. Do not let the tactical design fool you. This all-in-one air rifle has been engineered to satisfy the most demanding airgun shooter with performance features. The bullpup action has a unique match grade trigger system that does not rely on connection rods or linkages. The breech and barrel assembly incorporates a quick change system that allows for any of the four calibers (.177, .22, .25 or .30) to be used. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber. The air metering system is custom tunable, with an outside adjustable air regulator, power wheel hammer spring adjustment and valve return spring tuning. This rifle has no limits in its flexibility to be used by the hunter or target shooter. The FX Impact comes standard with features that airgunners have come to expect; like an adjustable recoil pad, cheek rest, foster quick fill connector, Picatinny rails, air regulator, and a new ultra quiet shroud system. Setting this new rifle apart from its competitors is the AR15 grip design that allows for a wide range of readily available accessories. Other notable features include the match winning Smooth Twist X barrel, a 480cc weight saving carbon fiber air bottle, AR-15 style safety, large capacity magazine, pressure gauge, and a cocking lever that has been ergonomically placed so the shooter can actuate and fire without loosing the sight picture or cheek weld. This tactical, compact, high power, lightweight wonder gun will be a benchmark for years to come. With all these features wrapped into one rifle, the FX Impact X is sure to make just that...a huge Impact in the airgun marketplace!


Barrel Length
Overall Length
7.0 lbs
Cylinder Volume
Up To 18 ft/lbs
Scope Rail
21 Shots
Up To 1000 fps

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Mark3388
04/14/2018 - 09:19:50 PM
I own two of these in .25, .22 and .177 and both rifles are dead on accurate with a lot of power. The quality of these air rifles are bar none, best rifle that you can purchase today and is nothing like what is out there for the price. There are a lot of rifles that cost what the impact cost but you will get "less" for your money buying something else. It does not get better than the impact, i think Frederick Axelsson is a pure Genius and should receive some sort of award for this engineering feat.
Reviewed by Pumita
02/23/2018 - 08:47:28 PM
Liviano, preciso, regulable a gusto del usuario. Tiene ademas dos ventajas que a mi juicio son muy importantes: 1) Posee cañones intercambiables. 2) Al poder retirale la botella de aire, deja el sistema sin presion y los orrings duran mucho mas que en otros rifles con botella fija. Una joya de la casa FX Airguns
Reviewed by kenne
01/22/2018 - 05:17:17 PM
What you didn't know!
Got my silver impact .25 today...work of art and functionality,pellet impact louder than the virtually nonexistent report,pellet on pellet @ 75-90ft, nothing that we (owners) didn't already know. Now for what you didn't know! Called AOA and ordered my impact and the 44cc air tube and the 4 stage hand pump...so the guy tells me the 44cc tube won't work but I reply not according to the FX website....drum roll...the 44cc tube works perfectly...you're welcome!I know some of you are scratching your heads and thinking so what just hand pump the BFT (Big Freakin Tank) after a few shots, ok fair enough, I just really appreciate the option plus it's even sleeker now!

Reviewed by hankstaub
01/12/2017 - 02:26:10 PM
The FX Impact
This is without doubt, the best air rifle produced by any manufacturer, bar none!

I personally own this one in .22,.25, and .30 calibers, and while I do insist that it is the best gun available, I would also like to see one similarly appointed with a pump style action that would allow easier follow up shot sight picture. However,
Reviewed by dannyshoots
01/06/2017 - 06:25:22 AM
The Ultimate Rifle?
So many have done reviews on this rifle. There's nothing I can say about it that hasn't already been said. It was used to win the EBR in 2016. I now own five PCP rifles. The Impact is my favorite. I wish there were more than 5 stars available to rate this gun!
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