FX T12 Whisper MKII Walnut .22

FX T12 Whisper MKII Walnut .22
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Scope and Mount Pictured: Not Included
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Manufacturer: FX Airguns
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The FX Whisper is the secret that has everyone shouting for joy! Everything you could need for a sporting precharged rifle at a great price point. The FX Whisper comes with the latest "whisper" shroud for an extremely quiet muzzle report. Sporting a 12-shot magazine, this bolt-action repeater is quick and convenient. Sporting the same stocks as its big-brother the Monsoon, the Whisper is available in a right hand sporting thumbhole design in synthetic or walnut. Valved with FX's latest design, this rifle delivers regulated performance without the hassle of a regulator. The two-stage adjustable trigger is superb for sporting, and borders on match quality. Packaged together with an excellent price, the Whisper is a wonderful option for a mid-level precharged rifle.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
6.2 lbs
Cylinder Volume
Up To 28 ft/lbs

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by hawkeye
09/27/2017 - 10:31:23 AM
Besides being accurate and good looking, this thing is quiet and I mean dead quiet. The pellet hitting the target makes more noise than the gun. Even your closest neighbors will never even know you own a rifle, unless they peak over the wall while you're shooting.
For the .22 cal. figure 35-40 shots max per full charge at 220 bar. If I had to nit-pick I'd prefer a non-plastic magazine, a larger tank and some of the hard edges on the stock would look better rounded off IMO, but nothing for which I would withold a star. Overall I'm very pleased with the looks and performance. The included scope was a nice bonus and while it isn't the best scope, it's more than adequate for normal use.
Reviewed by DonKennedy
07/06/2017 - 05:14:12 PM
FX T12 Whisper / Walnut .22
First things first AOA is first class in every aspect..Knowledgeable, Helpful,ect.
"Buy from these Guy's"

The FX T12 (Walnut stock) exceeded my expectations in every respect.
Accuracy, you can't get better than one ragged hole groups.
Zero at 50 yards gives me a 1.5 M Dot hold over at 75 yds.
30 Shots on one fill (I use a pump, great for convenience & exercise)
The FX 3-12x44 IR Scope that was included is excellent. (meets my objectives)
Quiet, no recoil, nice trigger, Looks great, Well balanced, Just plain FUN to shoot
Likes EXACT jumbo heavy 18.13 gr. likes them ALOT.
Thank You, Don Kennedy
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