Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle .177

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle .177
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With 70 incredibly consistent shots at 1000 Feet Per Second (FPS) in .177 caliber, or 60 shots at 900 FPS in .22 caliber, the Gauntlet is truly in a class of its own. No longer do you need to worry about variations in FPS due to changing tank pressure as you shoot. As long as the built-in pressure gauge remains in the green, the Gauntlet provides a velocity with very little variation from shot-to-shot.

The Gauntlet achieves these huge numbers of consistent, powerful shots from just one fill of its high capacity 13-cu. in. regulated tank. The built-in regulator delivers minimal FPS variation from shot-to-shot for long, flat shot strings this translates directly into outstanding accuracy for hunting, Field Target competition and just-for-fun plinking.

This multi-shot repeater with an adjustable trigger uses easily loaded interchangeable 10-shot magazines for rapid bolt-action firing. One mag is supplied with the Gauntlet and additional magazines are available as accessories.

The Gauntlet's 3,000 psi air tank is easily filled using the built-in, standard Foster quick connect fitting. For extended shooting sessions, a simple pressure release key (included) allows the compact regulated tank to be unscrewed when pressure is low. It can be replaced with another, fully charged PCP tank for extended shooting periods, without the need to carry bulky High Pressure Air tanks or a hand pump.

Its fully moderated design means the Gauntlet is incredibly quiet. Both stealthy backyard plinkers and serious hunters benefit from its ability to provide rapid, near-silent, full-power follow-up shots on demand.

To maximize its accuracy capability, the Gauntlet is well-balanced and has integral standard dovetails for scope mounting. The easily adjustable stock comb is adjusted by the turn of a knob and locks into position for the ideal cheek weld, whatever your physique or optic choice. Target shooters will appreciate the included single shot tray for the ultimate in precision shooting.

At 8.5 lbs, the Gauntlet is a comfortable air rifle both at the range or in the field. The stock's integral studs allow a sling to be fitted for easy carrying on a hunt.

Everything about this air rifle has been optimized to set the new standard in PCP performance. We've thrown down the gauntlet.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
8.5 lbs
Cylinder Volume
up to 20 ft-lbs
Scope Rail
10-shot magazine
up to 900 fps

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Primo
07/26/2019 - 06:59:07 PM
Good economic PCP
I had always wanted a good powerful 25 caliber PCP but the prices were way out of my budget. Then Umarex came out with the Gauntlet in 25 caliber with the added barrel band. The barrel band gives more stability. I bought mine last Christmas when they cane out and were reviewed, by the way good reviews. Mine came packaged like a thousand dollar gun and right out of the box with a 3-9x32 Center point scope it made 1/4 inch groups at 20 yards using the Benjamin 28g domes , it pushes these pellets at 840 FPS , that’s 44 foot pounds and it gives me 24+ good shots. Knock down power more than enough for any small game. The noise level of this rifle outside is very low , in my opinion backyard friendly. I shoot 2x2 inch metal targets at 50 yards with no problem. Iguana hunting a cinch. The only problem I’ve had with mine is that it won’t take the safety when loaded, but I never carry a loaded gun. The trigger comes with a long travel very easy to adjust and the instruction booklet covers this detail. Filling the tank is very easy and I fill mine from a 80 cubic foot Scuba tank filled to 3400 psi- it gives me enough fills to make the set up very practical.
The material and workmanship on mine are very good everything is aligned. The stock is plastic but not flimsy plastic, the grip section is solid and has a great feel.
Bottom line this is no FX 25 but it’s not a cheaply built rifle , Umarex did a good job with this rifle. I hope they put a barrel band on the 177 and 22 they have a real high shot count with the same 13 cubic inch bottles.
Almost forgot, it comes with a single shot tray which I love to use - no problems with the Marauder 8 shot magazine, but the tray makes for better accuracy in my opinion. The rifle is big , but not as heavy as a Diana 350 or a 48 mag springer.
I believe that with the simplicity that they built this gun it will be around for a long time and it will get even better as they are tuned etc. It’s a good deal.
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