FAS 6004 Match .177 Pistol-Medium Grip

FAS 6004 Match .177 Pistol-Medium Grip
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One of the finest competition and training air pistols ever designed has been reborn. The FAS 6004 by Chiappa Firearms. This single stroke target grade pistol has won many International championships with its recoilless action and superb trigger. The 6004 Match offers an adjustable target grip, crafted and cut from a fine grade of walnut. The adjustable sights provide a sharp clear image on the target. The Chiappa factory has increased quality control and back up service to make a great pistol even better. The 6004 is equally at home at informal matches in the basement or Olympic level events.


Overall Length
Single Shot
Up To 400fps

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Reviewed by Troystat
04/20/2019 - 06:25:08 PM
FAS 6004
I purchased one of these and it is a nice pistol with good ergonomics and a decent trigger but the velocity as purchased was only about 310fps even with the lightest pellets so you would get very poor target holes in the target. There is some tuneup information online and I was able to get an increase in velocity, I don't have a chrono so I don't know how much of an increase but I would guess the velocity is now around 375 fps. I like shooting this pistol but the low velocity is an issue.
Reviewed by griesmas
griesmas bought "FAS 6004 Match .177 Pistol-Medium Grip" on our website
09/09/2017 - 08:41:38 AM
FAS 6004 Match Pistol
Outstanding quality. Excellent grip. Good balanced weight. Accurate, accurate, accurate. Only use RWS R 10 Match 7.0 grain pellets as recommended by Chiappa. My pistol averaged 337 fps with a range of 15 fps. Low was 331 fps and high was 346 fps. Don't let these numbers discourage you!

I was able to place 4 of 5 shots in the same POI at 10 meters using a bag rest. The variation of 1 shot was due to me being outside. I would recommend this target pistol to anyone who enjoys some indoor/outdoor competition with family. Excellent starter pistol.
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