Benjamin 392 Multi-Pump Bolt Action

Benjamin 392 Airgun
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Price: $156.25
Manufacturer: Benjamin


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Premium materials and components, quality fabrications, hard-hitting velocities and accuracy to be counted on are found in the 392 and 397. The same great performance and craftmanship you have grown to expect.


Overall Length
Barrel Length
5.5 lbs
up to 685 fps

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Reviewed by Whitetail
08/30/2018 - 01:40:22 PM
Stuff About the 392
First, you get what is advertised. It's a multi-pump air rifle with a brass barrel. More on the brass barrel, later.

I don't know what the rate of twist is on the 392, but I can say that is has rifling in the barrel that I could see by shining a flashlight down the bore. I could also see some paint over spray in the last inch or so of the muzzle end. I cleaned that out. Because it is a brass barrel you want to make sure that you use no gun solvents containing ammonia. Ammonia will bond with zinc in a brass barrel and leach it out. I just used Outer's gun oil run through it with a nylon (not bronze or steel) bore brush and several cotton patches to remove it.

The twist rate of the barrel seems rather slow. 18.21 gr H&N Crow Magnum were not stabilized at 20 yards. While zeroing the gun I had several shots that key holed the target. That usually indicates too slow a barrel twist rate for the bullet/pellet weight. Pellets lighter than 18 gr were not affected by this. Maybe just my example, but my 392 prefers pellets lighter than 18 gr.

Bottom line is that this is a proven pellet gun. Ease of access for routine maintenance is quite good. No disassembly needed. Even with tumbling 18 gr. pellets, the accuracy is quite good @ 8 pumps per shot/20 yards.

The Benjamin 392 is light and handy. One pump in the gun and it's an easy 7 additional pumps to pop a gopher from the front porch with opportunity fire.

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