Pump-up air rifles use a pump lever on the air rifle to pressurize an on-board air reservoir. These air rifles fall into two categories:

  • Single-stroke pneumatic air rifles require just a single stroke to fully charge the gun. They are self-contained, easy to cock, and are highly consistent and can be incredibly accurate over distances up to 20 meters. The power of these air rifles is usually low, shooting relatively light match-grade .177 pellets at 500 to 600 fps.

  • Multi-stroke pneumatic (or pump-up) guns require multiple strokes (usually 2-10) of a lever to store compressed air in an on-board cylinder. The advantage is that it is virtually recoilless, a self-contained system that offers adjustable power and velocity. And, being virtually recoilless, it is easy to shoot well. The disadvantage of a multi-stroke pneumatic is that once it is fired, it must be pumped up again.
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