Huma Regulator for FX Streamline .177 .22 and .25

Huma Regulator for FX Streamline .177 .22 and .25
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Price: $115.00
Manufacturer: Huma-Air


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Designed for the FX Streamline .177 .22 and .25 air rifle. Designed as a "one on one" replacement, it can replace the factory regulator easily.

This regulator is vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube. This will prevent the regulated pressure from creeping up between shots.

Benefits to using this Huma Regulator:
Higher accuracy due to the elimination of the velocity fluctuations.
A constant velocity over the full working pressure range.
Maxiumum use of the air volume due to the ultra compact build.
Better shot count and a flat shot string immediately.
Adding a regulator to your air rifle will probably give you the biggest benefit in the tuning process.
Often the rifle will make less noise due to better balance in air usage.

The regulator is CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted. 
Huma only uses belleville springs designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives their regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

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Reviewed by redsmiley
redsmiley bought "Huma Regulator for FX Streamline .177 .22 and .25" on our website
10/13/2019 - 01:40:09 AM
Fixed my problem
Finely got my 50 fps velocity spread on my FX stream line down to 14 fps spread and a S.D of 3.7 over the 60 shots using JSB .22 15.89 gr pellets at average 903 fps for the 60 . I set the Huma regulator for 110 bar. I think that is excellent . Before I installed the Huma regulator I could only get 40 shots 20 to 25 fps spread then after 40 shots the velocity would spike way up . Not sure what was going on with factory FX regulator but it has done that sense it was new , I would only shoot 40 than recharge . I am happy with my purchase fixed my issues , it stopped my velocity spikes and I can get a full 60 shots out of it now !
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