Diana Model 430L .177

Diana Model 430L .177
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Sale Price: $199.99
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Manufacturer: Diana


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Based on the popular design of the Model 460 Magnum, the Diana 430L is a mid power piston rifle with a classic beech stock, and upgraded Diana T06 2-stage trigger assembly with an all metal design. Also upgraded is the safety catch, which is now metal instead of the conventional plastic design of the previous models.


Overall Length
Barrel Length
12 ft/lbs
Scope Rail

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Reviewed by redsmiley
redsmiley bought "Diana Model 430L .177" on our website
08/10/2019 - 12:11:09 PM
Very nice rifle great value
JSB 8.44 gr 761 fps 10.9 fp muzzle energy + - . Accuracy for me .200 5 shot group 20 yards probably do better after some more practice . Forget light artillery hold, firm shoulder medium check , rest forearm open palm. Like others have stated surprised at cocking effort for a sub 12 fp gun . That being said , very nice fixed barrel rifle it is like a 460 magnum just a little smaller but not by much . Excellent build quality built like a tank . Looks like it will last several life times . This is not a cheap throw away gun . If you are in the market for a sub 12 fp .177 this is it , without breaking the bank. Plenty of power to take small pests got a starling at 38 yards no problem . Great for target shooting also . It is just what I was looking for a non magnum spring gun to do light pesting and target shooting .
Reviewed by Primo
07/26/2019 - 04:58:53 PM
D430L great gun
Bought this rifle some weeks ago from AofA and have been hooked shooting it ever since. The D430L is giving me 1/4 inch groups using the inexpensive CP 7.9 Hollowpoints, velocity 830 FPS average and 12.9 foot pounds. I thought at first that this baby brother of the D460 - which I also have - was going to be to weak for hunting- that was disproved when I shot down two large 6 to 8 pound iguanas at 40 plus yards. The thing is that it doesn’t have the power of D34 or the HW95 but it’s only a couple of FP less , but the accuracy you can get with is pin point. My came with a Diana 3-9x40AO scope and the wonderful Diana Zero mount. I was really surprised to see that when I open the box the scope was mounted, adjusted and tested- excellent service from AofA. They had it on special the whole package for $270 plus shipping - what a birthday present! Have to mention that the box it came on was really impressive, foam all around, top and bottom, couldn’t bring myself to throw it away ; it’s the type of box I would expect for a $2,000 rifle - Diana is definitely doing thing right.
The only small defect I have found in the D430L is that the grub screw that tightens the muzzle break tended to come loose after a number of shots and this in turn would on occasions make the cocking rod come loose from is anchor. This small defect I repaired with blue locktite on the grub screw. The materials, finishing and the beautiful checkered wood stock are top of the the line and do not have to envy at all the other very expensive German and English springers. To me it’s just as good and accurate as the TX200. Maybe some day I’ll have it tuned but right now it’s shooting marvelously, hardly no twang for a springer that hasn’t been greased and it is not pellet fussy at all will shoot the HNs 8.64 or the Gamo 7.56 wad cutters great.
Almost forgot the rifle is a bit heavy specially with the scope I mentioned, but the accuracy is excellent. I have a collection of Diana’s and this one is one of the top ones on the list. Thank you AofA.
Reviewed by BordertownDevil
BordertownDevil bought "Diana Model 430L .177" on our website
06/02/2019 - 05:14:11 PM
A lot of bang for the buck!
Once again AoA has put together a really great little Diana combo. The first one I purchased was the AM03 Stealth N-TEC combo, which proved to be so good that when I saw they had another one in their pre-owned section I told my buddy to snatch it up quickly (he did and loves it, too)!

This 430L combo is also really well put together and the price is amazing when you consider that the scope and mount alone would run you $192.00! When thought of in those terms, the rifle itself is only $78! I'm here to tell you that this is NOT a $78 "cheapo/budget" rifle. It is very high quality for the outlay. Is it a HW98? No, of course not. What it is, though, is a very well balanced, accurate, German made fixed-barrel hunting/pesting rifle. Its power level makes this a perfect rifle for squirrel/rabbit hunting in the woods. Mine has taken several of our state's endearing, yet hated pack rats on my property. They are terribly destructive creatures and this rifle makes dispatching them not only a breeze, but a pleasure. The last one was a head shot at 35 yards standing supported against a wall. If you need more accuracy than that for this price, then I don't know what to tell you.

Mine came with some pretty good looking wood and I have found the loading port to be generously sizeable for loading, even with my clumsy fingers. The trigger is the awesome T06 2-stage and has been upgraded to metal along with the safety. The cocking effort is, honestly, stiff but manageable. It's also a little heavy for the size and power to be carrying all day, but if you put a shotgun sling on it you won't know the difference.

All of the parts AoA has put together in this combo compliment each other very well. Being a moderately powered rifle (12ftp), the scope's magnification range is just about perfect for the distances that this rifle is made for and includes a parallax adjustment up front. The Diana Zero Recoil Mount included is really a very well thought-out and designed bit of kit and not at all a gimmick. I have several of these on my airguns and have had very good luck with them keeping firearms designed scopes from dying a horrible death on magnum springers.

I am constantly seeing posts on FB airgun groups asking for a decently priced springer for squirrels/pesting and I always suggest to them the Diana 430L combo from AoA. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a combo of this quality, accuracy, and that instills pride of ownership in this price range. It really is one of the hidden gems out there.
Reviewed by Relee
03/09/2019 - 07:07:31 AM
Diana 430L combo review
I switched to the 430L combo at the last moment when it was on sale for $259 . I wanted something accurate! First the pros. This gun is accurate, at least to the 30yrds I’ve tested. I need to take it somewhere I can get further, the scope is clear and bright and the bulls eye mount has spring, after I mounted the second time. Gun looks great, we’ll made with big area to get thumb in to load pellet.
The cons: heavy gun, and has a heavy pull to the caulking lever, I hope this gets lighter with time, not a small kids gun for sure. Had trouble with the mount at first install, it did not recoil so I uninstalled and reinstalled and working now. I need have to make shims to be able to zero in the scope but hitting within 1/4” at 30yrds on rest.
I’ve neyhad a break barrel so I thought the under barrel would stay true . Happy so far. Did I say this gun is heavy
Reviewed by zeke
01/27/2019 - 04:21:27 PM
nice rifle, but
Fit, finish, stock all very nice. The issue I had was the enormous cocking effort required for a less than 12 ft/lb rifle. Not an all day plinker unless you're King Kong, not a sub-adult rifle. I dumped mine, quickly.

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