Weihrauch HW30S .177 Urban Pro Laminate

Weihrauch HW30S .177 Urban Pro Laminate
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Manufacturer: Weihrauch (HW)
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Introducing the HW30S Deluxe "Urban Pro" combo. Weihrauch has brought together all of the favorites into one affordable package that will easily become your favorite piece of airgun kit! Starting with the highly popular HW30S rifle in the Deluxe Laminate stock, known for its light weight, ease of cocking, and renowned Rekord trigger. Mated to it is a Weihrauch silencer, which takes the quiet report down to dead silent and gives the shooter a comfortable cocking aid as well. Included with the kit is a Weihrauch 4x32 AO riflescope and mounts which dial in the combo and give excellent accuracy and consistency. The combo is named the Urban Pro because it will quickly and easily dispatch anything and everything around the house, from pests to paper targets with Pro-like performance!


Barrel Length
Overall Length
Spring Piston
Single Shot
Up to 620 fps

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Reviewed by jkkavan001
jkkavan001 bought "Weihrauch HW30S .177 Urban Pro Laminate" on our website
02/20/2018 - 12:30:25 PM
HW30S "Urban Pro"
Got it yesterday. Put some rounds through it last night then semi-benched it this morning.
(Talked earlier last week with the gentleman prepping/testing mine and want management to give him an extra five minutes for lunch on me. He deserves it. And I need to have patience or learn to read; I called last week wondering where it was and he found it and said they had just finished prepping it for shipping. Turns out they do that and it takes a little time to do it right.)

I would upload a picture of the tin pellet lid showing a three-shot one ragged hole at 10 yards, but you'll have to close your eyes and visualize for your self. Try chanting "One Hole...Won Whole...Whirled Peas...."
I am not a super user but over my life I have owned a slew of non-firearm projectile weapons, and this is the best I have ever had. ( I also own a slew of firearm type projectile weapons. Shooting is shooting.)
I got this rifle for my wife's "Valentine Present", wink-wink, being sold buy the cocking ease and package set up; but she likes it so much it really is hers now. She named it "The Grey Wolf".
Reviewed by BordertownDevil
02/02/2018 - 10:14:46 PM
Best Bundle
A lot of quality for a very low price. This obviously isn't the latest magnum springer capable of supersonic velocities, but what it is is an elegant, sophisticated, and accurate break barrel. It's light enough to carry all day long in the field, and small enough to keep in the car or truck for some impromptu shooting/pesting. The handsome black pepper laminate stock is comfortable for adult shooting. The cocking effort (if you can call it "effort") is light and smooth, exuding quality craftsmanship and tight tolerances. The fit and finish is superb with good wood to metal fit on mine and deep blueing on the metal. The two stage Rekord trigger is, as everyone will tell you, absolutely fabulous and mine didn't need any adjustment right from the box. The Weihrauch branded scope is high quality and the 4X32 AO is perfect for the power level of this rifle and it included screw on lens caps and HW branded mounts (that I believe are Sportsmatch). I bought mine over the summer of 2017 when the sale was for the walnut-stained beech stock for $499. The day after ordering it, I received a phone call from AoA regarding my order. After verifying which model I had ordered they notified me that they had just that very day received a shipment of the HW30 Urban Pro in the black pepper laminate stock and wanted to know if I'd rather have that version instead. I asked him, since I hadn't seen it, which one he'd choose. He said, "Eric, this is a really good looking rifle. Trust me, if I were you I wouldn't think twice." I'm glad I listened to him! It basically amounted to a $100 upgrade in stocks for the same price (on a side note, what other company would have done that?). I have 12 high end air rifles (PCPs, side levers, underlevers, break barrels) and this little German dandy is the one I keep grabbing when I head out the door to target shoot or to shoot pack rats. It's just so elegant and gentlemanly. I absolutely love it and can't recommend it enough if you're looking for a break barrel rifle and don't need magnum power or speed. Check out the YouTube video review on the Urban Pro that AEAC did.
Reviewed by doctyphoon
doctyphoon bought "Weihrauch HW30S .177 Urban Pro Laminate" on our website
02/02/2018 - 07:23:21 AM
Exceeds expectations

I enjoy writing reviews when a product exceeds my expectations, which this air rifle clearly does. I grew up using and enjoying quality springer airguns and have owned a range of them across the years. Recently I moved to a more suburban area and found the need for an air rifle that was less; less powerful, less noisy, less heavy. I still wanted a high quality, accurate tool though. Being familiar with Weihrauch products, I was intrigued by the HW30S Urban Pro, which seemed to check off most of my boxes. Having owned several HW30â
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