Weihrauch HW30S .177 Deluxe Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW30S Deluxe
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Manufacturer: Weihrauch (HW)
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A superior, light and well-balanced air rifle of excellent accuracy for the whole family. Automatic safety, precision adjustable "Rekord" trigger, adjustable rear sight and front sight with interchangeable inserts, an upgraded walnut-stained beech stock featuring 4 panel checkering, rubber butt plate.


Overall Length
Barrel Length
5.5 lbs
Spring Piston
Single Shot
up to 620 fps

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Reviewed by Wolverine
Wolverine bought "Weihrauch HW30S .177 Deluxe Air Rifle" on our website
10/15/2019 - 10:34:36 PM
Destined to be a family heirloom
I purchased my HW30S Deluxe from AOA in December of 2018 and had it shipped straight to a well known tuner. After receiving it, I cleaned the barrel and put 400 pellets down range to season the barrel. Then I mounted a 4X32 Leapers on it and began the quest to find the right pellet. Well, I'm still looking as this rifle shoots all 23 types of pellets I've tried so far about the same. Extremely well! It's always a blessing when a rifle shoots the cheaper pellets almost as good as the high dollar ones. The fit and finish is what one would expect from Weihrauch, nice looking wood and very heavy bluing. The trigger is as good as the trigger on my Daystate Regal XL. The rifle is backyard friendly, easy to cock, light weight, and I can shoot for hours off hand and hit tiny plastic army men from 20 yards. This is a plinking rifle for me, but the accuracy and ease of use has made me look like an FT Champion. This rifle will be one to hand down to a grandchild. Now I have my eye on the HW50 Hunter!
Reviewed by LeonStancliff
09/11/2018 - 10:31:39 AM
Excellent product
Purchased this rifle 2 months ago. I have about 2k pellets through it shooting off the back porch.

I mounted a 3x9 BSA scope w/paralax adjustment. I found that this rifle wants a one piece mount. Do not even bother with two piece rings you will have a wondering zero.

It shoots the Beeman pellets (less than one cent each) into 3/4" at 20 yards. Shoots the expensive stuff into one ragged hole. I have actually stepped down to smaller targets twice and I have now made spinners 3/4" diameter to counter the boredom of consistent, predictable accuracy!

Extremely back yard friendly. The smack of the pellet on the metal spinner target is louder than the rifle.

I own PCP rifles, I own multi-pumps, but the HW30 is what lives by the back door ad gets used.
Reviewed by danlee
08/30/2018 - 09:13:06 PM
The Best
After about 1200 pellets I can say the following:
Fit and finish are superb. the stock is a work of art and while not truly ambidextrous, as a lefty I find it very comfortable. The barrel is fully polished and deeply blued. Trigger is light and crisp and totally predictable. Cocking is smooth and easy. I have not experienced any issues with noise or grinding when the rifle is cocked.
Not crazy about the globe front sight but that was easily changed. Accuracy is so good it really isn't much of a challenge to get tight groups. The best I have ever shot. Low recoil, low noise, good power (will splinter the back of 5/8 pine at ten meters, rear adjustable sight stays put once dialed in. Once released, the safety can be reset simply by braking the barrel. Not the most convenient but it does work. Does not seem to be sensitive to the type of pellets being used. In every respect a total pleasure to shoot.
Reviewed by Bear
Bear bought "Weihrauch HW30S .177 Deluxe Air Rifle" on our website
03/26/2018 - 10:09:42 AM
Hw 30s Deluxe
I bought this rifle over a year ago and I love shooting it. I shoot indoors at paper, and it is very accurate, near zero recoil, and it is very quiet. I have shot it quite a bit, so it is well broken in. The adjustable trigger is very smooth. The second stage pull has some creep, but it is very smooth and predictable. I put a Williams aperture sight on the rear and love it. Works well with my 66 year old eyes. I have bought 4 air guns from AOA and have been happy with AOA and the guns. Their prices are generally the best. I recommend this gun for anyone looking for casual target shooting at home.
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