Weihrauch HW97K Blue Laminate .177

Weihrauch HW97K Blue Laminate .177
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Manufacturer: Weihrauch (HW)
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The HW97 air rifle is a superbly accurate, fixed barrel air rifle from the worlds’ finest, as well as one of the oldest, German airgun manufacturers. The 97’s action is an engineering masterpiece with a fixed barrel sliding breech design. This design allows for easy access to loading as well as total rigidity for accuracy with a scope. Sights are not provided, as the precision of this fine arm would be wasted without quality optics. Cocking the air rifle requires but minimal effort from the under-lever design. The HW97 action has the same receiver assembly as the HW35; a single block of milled steel beautifully polished and blued with the scope grooves directly milled into the receiver. The firing behavior of the 97 is very smooth with little vibration and recoil; this is very advantageous to target shooters for the best follow through resulting in more hits. The trigger is the world famous "Rekord" match grade unit; the best two-stage adjustable trigger available. The 97 sports a fully ambidextrous, walnut stained beech stock that has excellent grain and sharp laser cut checkering on the grip and fore end. The cheek piece sets the eye in proper position for a scope, increasing accuracy by cutting down on parallax error. As an added touch of style, the HW97 is finished off with a blued muzzle brake that enhances the appearance and increases stability to the shooter. The HW97 is the premier choice for the target shooting, bench rest, field target, or the sportsman hunting small game.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
9.3 lbs
Spring Piston
Single Shot
Up To 950 fps

Product Reviews

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09/09/2019 - 09:56:00 AM
My seventh Weihrauch rifle!
Weihrauch 97K Blue Laminate with Stainless / Nickel metal Finish with Aztec Emerald 3-18 X 50mm scope. I purchased this rifle in August of 2019 it is my seventh Weihrauch rifle. I am a retired Tactical Officer From a Valley Police Department and a was a Certified Rifle Instructor for that agency. I am still involved in a break in process for this rifle, it has not been a disappointment in any way. Be aware there is some weight involved here.with this rifle. however I believe this aids in a smooth firing cycle and makes the rifle very hold friendly.. This past Saturday I had some time to shoot in my backyard range which is 25 meters / 28 yards,. shooting Directly OFF a shooting bag with a light modified artillery hold everywhere else. I fired three, Five shot Groups using FTT 14.66 grain .22 caliber pellets from the Tin. Group size was 3/8, 1/4, 3/8 inch groupings. The previous week I had two / five shot grouping that where ragged holes at a 1/4 inch spread each. The rifle has NOT been tuned this is out of the Box Rifle. I have only utilized three pellets thus far FTT Barracuda Hunter extreme which gave me about 3/4 to 1" five shot groupings and JSB JUMBO 18 grain which gave me a similar grouping; again these were at 25 meters.
Reviewed by sprngrsrul
01/24/2019 - 07:11:00 PM
spring vs pcp
If the best spring guns can't compete with PCPs how come the Air arms TX200 has won matches against PCPs? I have an HW77 tuned by the "God" that will shoot shoot dime size groups at 50 yards. Almost all of my airgun shooting is done while walking around the mountains all day plinking at any small targets that present themselves. For this kind of shooting the accuracy advantage of a PCP really wouldn't be noticeable. I can't see myself walking 10 miles with a PCP & a scuba tank strapped to my back.
Reviewed by dannyshoots
01/06/2017 - 07:24:50 AM
Nice Spring Gun
I owned a cheaper spring gun for a long time. It served well to create in me a desire for a spring gun that would deliver a POI in the same county with some consistency. I gave the cheaper gun to an acquaintance and bought the Weihrauch HW97K in Blue Laminate because the rifle has a reputation for it's accuracy. For a spring gun, the HW97K delivers nice accuracy. Here's what you need to know before buying one though. It is a sub 12 ft/lb gun. That's what it is designed for...period. It is very heavy. There's a lot of beef to the rifle. Most (if not all) of the aficionados will tell you to get it tuned. Then they recommend the best tune guy, who by the way, thinks he's Gods gift to airguns and tells you so before turning your business down because he's too busy. If you want AoA to tune it, they won't turn you down anyway. Back to the gun... It shoots well out of the box but if you want the best accuracy, buy a PCP. The best spring guns can't compete with PCPs.
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