Weihrauch HW98 .22

Weihrauch HW98 .22
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The Weihrauch HW98 air rifle represents a quantum leap forward in design. Built for the competitive shooter, small game hunter, or backyard plinker, the HW98 has features that everyone will appreciate. The cheek piece can be adjusted up almost two inches. The superb butt plate assembly allows a similar range of movement up or down, plus has the ability to cant or twist the butt pad. The infinite combination of adjustments can provide a strain-less fit for any shooter in any position! A beautifully blued, all-steel barrel sleeve covers the carbine barrel and helps dampen muzzle movement. The fore stock and palm swell is stippled to give a sure grip under all shooting conditions, and the black highlights of the stippling and grooves along the fore stock accent the rich brown hardwood stock. The two-staged Rekord trigger, one of the finest available today, is also fully adjustable to the shooters preference. For those who enjoy field target competition, the HW98 will be a genuine contender in the piston class right out of the box. No additions or accessories are needed, except for a good scope and rings.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
8.6 lbs
Spring Piston
Single Shot
Up To 755 fps

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Reviewed by cer89
11/23/2019 - 04:12:00 PM
This rifle is a literal work of art! From the feel, to the looks, to the performance, it's A+++. And these guys provide a white glove service, so it's out of the box and go! Cleaned the barrel, oiled her up and put 10 pellets through the bullseye at 20 yards. Took out a squirrel on the first shot live shot. Paced it out at 105'! It's a very heavy rifle, which I think adds to it's accuracy and lack of recoil. By the way, I bought the .25, which does not appear in the list. Ask for it!!
Reviewed by brandon873
07/09/2018 - 02:39:03 PM
HW98 .22
I purchased the HW98 .22 and Nikon prostaff scope roughly 4 months ago (march 2, 2018). So Ive had a few months to play with this gun. In that time I have put roughly 1200 H&N Field Target Trophy Domed Airgun Pellets through it.

First let me say I was on the fence about which gun to get. I had actually ordered the HW90 originally and then had a change of heart. I was afraid my wife would not be able to use it due to the strength needed to break the barrel. I called the company up and told them my thoughts on it and they agreed, my wife being a buck 20 would have a tough time with it. So they swapped it out, no issues.

To my surprise they mounted the scope I purchased and sighted it in, along with sending a copy of the target showing accuracy at 20 or 25yds (cant remember) and the velocity readings using the same pellet type that I had purchased. So all I had to do was pull it out of the box and start shooting.

My intentions for this gun was pest around the farm, squirrels, gophers, snakes, birds, etc. This was the reason for going with the .22
Let me tell you, this is one accurate and good looking gun. Anything around 25 yards is almost boring and can easily hit tacks on a nice day. I've popped many of snakes in the head from a range of 5-30 yards. I have failed to miss one yet. That Nikon scope is real nice. Squirrels and rabbits are a piece-o-cake.

With that said, the gun is still a bit too tough for my wife to load without straining and seems a bit heavy for her (she's a 5'3" 120lb, 31yr old veteran). So since she cant use it anyways, either wish I had gone with the HW90 for the extra power to be more effective at a further distance, or had gone with the .177 in this model. The .22 is so accurate that I think the .177 would have done the job and had given me better shooting options from longer range.

Before finishing the first 500 rounds of pellets, I noticed my barrel seemed loose from the stock. upon further inspection almost all the screws were loose. I expected this because the manual mentioned to check periodically. I took out each screw, added Loctite, and screwed them back down. Then re-sighted the scope. Haven't had an issue since.

Originally bought it for up close killing of animals/pest and it does so very accurately. A very nice, high quality gun indeed. so I will give it 5 stars. But knowing what I know now about the gun I either would have gotten the .177 model or the HW90


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