Custom Benjamin 392

Air Conserving Pumper (ACP) MkII

Benjamin ACP

Developed by Steve Woodward, the Benjamin ACP takes pump-up rifles to the next level. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in air conservation, the Benjamin ACP uses less effort to achieve full power shots, and is significantly quieter than the standard model. By installing a hammer debounce device, the otherwise wasteful valve now conserves most of the stored air for use in the following shot. By simply pumping the rifle initially to the full 8 pumps and firing at full power, the next sequential shots only require 3 pumps* to achieve the same full power. This drastically reduces the amount of time and effort between shots, making follow up even quicker. Plus, the conservation of air greatly reduces the muzzle blast that a standard Benjamin would have. In order make the rifle less complicated to use, the ACP comes with a simple pressure sensor module which protrudes when the rifle is fully charged with air. This eliminates the risk of overcharging the rifle and locking the valve. When the pressure sensor protrudes from beneath the stock, the rifle is fully charged. Added to the innovative valve design is the reknowned SuperSear trigger, installed. This sear changes the factory trigger configuration and produces a true 2-stage trigger.

The latest MkII version comes with new features which make this rifle even better! The pressure sensor module has been modified to include a travel limiter, which eliminates the risk of the sensor causing pain while pumping. The trigger sear is replaced with a Dual-Power SuperSear, which restores the key feature of a pumper, the multiple power settings. And, while multiple power settings are handy on a standard pump rifle, the Benjamin 392 ACP MkII enters a new category as a self-sustained precharged rifle. On lower power from a fully pumped (8) charge, the ACP MkII gives 3 consistent shots at 500 fps with 14.3 grain pellets before it needs just 5 pumps to recharge!

Model   392ACP
Mechanism   Bolt-action
Power Source   Pump
Caliber   .22
Capacity   Single Shot
Velocity   up to 685 fps
Weight   5.5 lbs
Length   overall: 36.25"
Barrel   Black Brass, 19.38"
Rifling   Right Hand, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 14"
Stock/Forearm   American Hardwood
Front Sight   High Ramp Blade
Rear Sight   Open adjustable
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Benjamin ACP Pressure Sensor


Custom Benjamin Dual-Power SuperSear

*3 pumps are standard, but occasionally 2 or 4 pumps are required.

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