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Thank you for visiting Airguns of Arizona. We have a full line of fine, precision airguns, air pistols, pellets, scopes and accessories for all your shooting needs. Please have a look around and if you still have any questions, please call. We still like to talk the old fashioned way!

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1970 W Elliot Rd. Ste 109
Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA

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Phones open at 7:30am Mon-Fri to better accommodate our East coast customers.

NOTE: On the first Wednesday of each month, we close at 12:30pm for internal training.

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Airgun Calculators

Airgun Calculator

Handy tools designed by airgunners for airgunners!



Energy calculated from velocity and pellet weight at a given distance.

Pellet Velocity: (in fps)
Pellet Weight: (in grains)



Velocity calculated from a known energy rating and pellet weight.

Muzzle Energy: (in ft/lbs)
Pellet Weight: (in grains)



Ballistic Coefficient calculated from retained velocity measurements at two distances.
Courtesy of Steve_in_NC

Velocity at Near Distance: (in fps)
Velocity at Far Distance: (in fps)
Nearest Distance: (in yards)
Farthest Distance: (in yards)



Retained velocity at point of impact calculated from BC, range to target, and muzzle velocity.
Courtesy of Steve_in_NC

Muzzle Velocity: (in fps)
Range to Target: (in yards)
Ballistic Coefficient:



Wound Channel Depth / Penetration Calculator
Courtesy of Steve_in_NC

Pellet Weight: (in grains)
Pellet Velocity at Point of Impact: (in fps)
Pellet Caliber: (in inches, ie. .177 or .22)



Inclined Shooting Correction Calculator
Courtesy of Steve_in_NC

Inclination Angle: (0 degrees = horizontal shot, 90 degrees = pure vertical)
Line-of-Sight Range To Target: (in yards)
Ballistic Coefficient:
Muzzle Velocity: (in fps)